Chez Hagakure Vodka Conference

Attending: Em; Gab; me (obvs).

Bloody Marys



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18 Responses to Chez Hagakure Vodka Conference

  1. Gab

    I wish I had a minute to scratch myself and listen to this. I quite enjoyed this little exercise once I got over the idea that I sound like a man (or like Jess F)

  2. The Narkacyst

    May I just say that yes, I found a moment to listen to this properly again (and scratch myself) and it is pure genius. It also helped my flagging spirits at work which were in a rather dire state. I think a bloody mary or twelve should become a regular fixture (as should audio recordings)
    with love,
    the narkacyst.

  3. soncervative

    clearly the microphone was near me.

  4. wortwut

    *listens to post*
    me me fuckin me, eh

  5. teigan

    It is all about you m’dear. At the moment, anyway. Tomorrow you will be gone, and I will have a new visiting interstate art bitch to fawn over.
    You will be forgotten like yesterday’s visiting interstate art bitch.

  6. Gab

    When did this stop being about me?

  7. Liv

    I’m just pleased I’m mentioned in it.

  8. Gab

    So you had to check it out *after* I told you that you got a brief mention in it, eh?

  9. teigan

    Surely you’re not insinuating that Liv only reads my blog to gaze at her own reflection?
    Lies make the baby Jesus Tom Cruise cry.
    MY BLOG.
    ALL. ABOUT. ME. *stamps foot*

  10. Gab

    sorry to disappoint. I had informed her of the
    ‘ba-bowwww’ that Em made and your ‘tee heee heee that’s the noise Liv makes’.
    Cos yeah… I did a transcript ‘n’ shit. *
    *a lie

  11. Jay

    Yeh I thought you’d say that which is why I hesitated to say it! Your address is clearly printed on the top of your Scientology result sheet: i’d recommend blurring it 😛
    Since you’r in St.kilda, i’d recommend taking a visit to Barney Allen’s on Fitzroy st, they do a mean burger and fries.
    And now that I sound completely and utterly like a freaky stalker, I take my leave.

  12. Gab

    He he he! St Kilda was quite a while ago I believe 🙂

  13. teigan

    See above; I gave them my old address.
    Did you seriously live at The Cosmo?

  14. Gab

    you lived *next* to the Cosmo? As in the hotel? If the walls of that place could speak…

  15. teigan

    No, I lived in a block of flats called The Cosmo, aka 42 Waterloo Crescent St Kilda.

  16. Jay

    We talking Waterloo cr.? I haven’t been down there in years but I used to live in a run-down house around the middle of the street. Great house nonetheless. I love those old houses that haven’t been gobbled up by renovators! Not many left in St.kilda though; very yuppified.

  17. Uri Plixo

    Wow. Is there a Scype plug-in that can add vodka?

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