Chez Hagakure Bong Summit

Attending; presiding.

Bong & candle



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17 Responses to Chez Hagakure Bong Summit

  1. Gab

    The music is way too loud to hear everything you are saying but you sound like you are having fun. I also got a mention and that is, as we all know, the sign of a good audio blog entry.

  2. teigan

    [The music is way too loud to hear everything you are saying]
    Man, you don’t miss a trick.. (<3)

  3. Gab

    I actually don’t understand what you are going on about 🙁

  4. teigan

    You noted that the music was too loud to hear everything we were saying; I complimented you on your observational skills.
    Then you cried, so I called you a wuss.
    What’s not to understand?

  5. Gab

    The bit where you called me a wuss. Because I was not crying.
    *saunters off sexily into the distance*

  6. Urgh! Bongs are so gross and… common.

  7. teigan

    I thought that as well, and hadn’t smoked bongs since in ages until this fateful night in February. That was The Night Bongs Came Back.
    It’s partly a nostalgia thing, partly a so-wrong-it’s-turned-the-corner-and-come-all-the-way-back-round-to-right-again thing.
    One only gets it out on special occasions, naturally. It is not unlike the samurai sword in this aspect.

  8. wortwut

    I tried to apply this rule some time ago to get people to do buckets with me. But nobody seemed to buy the argument.

  9. teigan

    You like buckets?!

  10. Gab

    OMG. Em, you are revolting.

  11. >>OMG. Em, you are revolting.
    This is the kind of public opinion I was talking about. (and under whose pressure I buckled).
    *sigh* get a spine, already, me.

  12. Adam

    Look, Australians!

  13. teigan

    Get on Facebook, you cunt.

  14. Adam

    Facewhat? I’m a Plurk man myself. Or at least I intend to be.
    It seems to be social networking for the complete recluse. It’s also pretty addictive.
    I’ve shot you an invite.

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