LFN. :P!!



(ION: \m/ (>.<) \m/)

TIA. (No, not that TIA.) (Necessarily.)


(This post is dedicated to Mr R. Henley, who doesn’t approve of this kind of thing. Appaz.)


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4 Responses to NBP!

  1. May I hazard a translation?
    No British Pandas!
    ‘Least For Now. *tongue poking out indicating that there could be the POSSIBILITY of British Pandas in the future*
    *Smiley face undermining the above message, and indicating the British Pandas are welcome any time*
    *Three ‘x’s indicating your love for both the reader and black and white bears from the UK*
    I Obviously Need *heavy metal music*
    Til I Atrophy (from the metal)
    (Look For Ned!!!) (I’m assuming someone named Ned owes you money, thus you are seeking him out).

  2. teigan

    OMG, it’s like you have laid bare my very soul on the basis of a handful of alphanumerics.
    Be afraid.

  3. “My power is so discombobulatingly devastating I could feel
    his muscle tissues collapse under my force. It’s ludicrous
    these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.” – Mike Tyson

  4. Jay

    Holy crap can’t comprehend.

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