My Head Hurts

And we didn’t end up setting fire to anything! But I expect it was for the best.


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5 Responses to My Head Hurts

  1. Blurry, dark, muffled, and minty. Good to see you all again.
    Seriously, like ‘ray-gun’, Teigan.
    Believe it or not, I’m about to run around Albert Park Lake, it’s a beautiful afternoon.
    In other news, this auspiciously fair winter day coincides with the first new buds on my bonsai.

  2. Edit: Holy crap, some awesome drunk photos Teig. Ink-blot; you look like a demon from another dimension in more than a few of them.

  3. teigan

    My policies prevent me from showing the world the reds of Rorsch’s eyes.. but it’s a damn shame! Stupid policies.
    >Believe it or not, I’m about to run around Albert Park Lake, it’s
    >a beautiful afternoon.
    I would point out to those in the audience that that you were a tetotalling pussy!
    I imbibed heroically (perhaps almost too heroically..) and I’m going to the gym in a minute, so 😛
    >Seriously, like ‘ray-gun’, Teigan.
    Damn right.

  4. The world became a much better place after I ate breakfast at 6:30pm today. My head still feels like a frisbee, though.
    *Nods head*
    After a careful review, I endorse your policies on my red eyes..

  5. teigan

    I think you look fucking cool! In a scary-as-hell kinda way

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