Mysterious Postal Benevolence

This arrived yesterday from a mail-order DVD retailer in South Australia, with no message save for a ‘Happy Birthday’ appended to my name on the address label:

Mysterious Gummo DVD

Apart from a few relatives who’d be very, very unlikely to anonymously send me Harmony Korine movies, I don’t really know anyone in South Australia.

Anyway – whoever you are (if you’re reading), thank you so much! As a present, no other widely-available DVD could please me more.



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8 Responses to Mysterious Postal Benevolence

  1. How very curious! Let us know if the mystery reveals itself.
    Also, I wish I had mystery benevolence goodness. Wah.

  2. teigan

    You mean you don’t? You amaze me.
    It’s pretty sweet, I can tell yer..

  3. teigan

    You need a wishlist, really. Like, a publically accessible one.
    One can’t necessarily rely on secret admirers to be too creative.

  4. wortwut

    some people are just awesome, aren’t they?

  5. wortwut

    I mean, that’s why they get random presents sometimes.

  6. ~

    that they are, though … truly random presents ar sometimes confusing.
    also, meaow.

  7. teigan

    Shucks, guys.
    > truly random presents ar sometimes confusing.
    Ambiguity can drive you crazy.. but it can also be a ton of fun. (Otherwise known as ‘the Neurocam principle’.)
    This wasn’t really random though; it was my birthday last week.
    It’s proving to be a very extended slow-release sort of affair.
    It’s good!
    I think the lesson is: schedule your birthday party a few weeks after the actual day.

  8. wortwut

    ps you’re welcome 🙂

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