RIP Beard

Partly inspired by high-calibre acquaintances including Atkins, Danny Smith and Justin, and partly because G told me to (although she changed her mind once I actually did it), I have been growing a beard.


I’ve never done this before. I hadn’t shaved since new year. I quite liked the idea of not cutting any of my hair all year. But I think it looks shit, so I just shaved it off.

No beard

I saved the hair. I will give or send some of it to anyone who comments on this post. (I have been getting zero comments lately. Lift your game, people.)


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5 Responses to RIP Beard

  1. Ol' Livia

    I liked the beard.

  2. teigan

    Did you even see the beard? (Apart from in pics, maybe, which.. okay, I guess that counts.) We’ve not been much in the encounterin’ way so far this year :/
    I think it made me look old and like a vagrant; it was itchy; food and beverages got caught in it; the discomfort it induced both physically & mentally wasn’t helping me bond with my mostly 10-years+-younger-than-me classmates etc blah blah; it just had everything going against it
    ION: I will now need your new address.

  3. Ol' Livia

    I do remember commenting on it pre-Thailand.
    You would’ve had my new address by now had you responded to email sent 7 Feb…
    (Housewarming BBQ… Very soon…)
    (No, seriously, dug the beard. Old/vagrant = pfft, whatever!)

  4. I wasn’t acknowledging you pre-Thailand! And I must confess – to my own shame – that I haven’t read your email yet (mostly out of fear it might make me want to break stuff – something I’m e x t r e m e l y tired of).
    But maybe I will this evening

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