And We’re Away

Being temperamentally unsuited to current climatic conditions in Melbourne, I depart tomorrow for colder climes. Switzerland, to be exact, where I shall remain until the 27th December, at which time I shall fly (unassisted*) to the UK.

Tickets & Passport

Provided that I do not die, that all international flights are not cancelled due to the Terrorist Threat and that the oil supplies hold out, I will return home to Australia on the 13th of January.

Please note that throughout this period I will only be checking the addresses and [mybirthname]

There will probably be a post or two between now and when I get back (possibly more) – but in any case, l hereby take this opportunity to wish you all a banging festive season.

(* NOTE: this particular bit potentially untrue)


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14 Responses to And We’re Away

  1. You will need a plane and a pilot.

  2. teigan

    It seems highly likely.

  3. j

    see you on the flipside, toots

  4. A G

    Enjoy your time in a country where they have real chocolate.
    Try not to get arrested by the Swiss Army – i worry what someone properly trained can do with those knives
    Have fun mybirthname

  5. teigan

    That’s [mybirthname] to you, toots. Why would the Swiss Army be interested in lil harmless ol’ me, though?
    Doesn’t matter in any case; I can take ’em.

  6. How come they never just made a swiss army gun?

  7. teigan

    Because they’re PUSSIES.

  8. teigan

    here, now
    yeah, have not slept in 50 hours
    but i made it eventually
    think you are right
    there will be an audio account
    there will be an audio account

  9. good to see you made it safely through customs, have to admit i was a bit worried 🙂

  10. teigan

    Why, though? *innocent expression*
    Security and immigration control were both pains in the ass, in their different ways (audio account coming soon etc), but customs is actually a piece of piss
    (Contemporary airport security checkpoints, beautifully, are all plastered everywhere you look with signs saying, effectively, ‘please don’t assault or verbally abuse us; it isn’t our fault’)
    You just walk through the ‘nothing to declare’ portal; nobody even stops and frisks you and makes you take off your shoes and checks you for traces of explosives residue and sticks a plunger up your ass
    You just walk right through

  11. Really? I always take one whack thing to declare on the principle that if they think I’m stupid enough to declare it, I therefore have nothing to hide. Reverse psychology.

  12. teigan

    I would recommend walking through ‘nothing to declare’ knowing perfectly well that you have nothing to hide – even though you actually *do* have something to hide. That will work (if, you know, you do it properly) – and the taxpayer saves on plungers.
    For more great tips, see my exciting forthcoming book “How To Fool Yourself And Influence People: Creative Self-Deception For Fun & Profit”, with a special introduction by Robin Hely

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