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Xmas pomegranate

Toots and Me

Xmas sunset


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Treasury banner (click for larger)

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Birthday Party

Friday 17th September.

It started out as the intended convivial quiet gathering.

Convivial quiet gathering

Toots (and Gem) made me cupcakes

Suffering some uncertainty as to whether I was being terribly rude – but hey, it was my birthday, and moreover Luke forced my hand. As in literally picked me up and carried me out the door – I abandoned said gathering temporarily to go see these people play a venue down the road with a roomful of balloons at around 11pm.

(Due to a combination of behind-scheduleness and licensing restrictions, they very nearly didn’t. But in the end they beat the odds – and the law – and totally did.)

Keith! Party

Then, with a few new guests in tow, we returned to CH an hour and a bit later to find the former quiet gathering had unexpectedly hit critical mass in our absence and was comprehensively going OFF. Omg!

This pic represents the otherwise undocumented period after K!P when everything unanticipatedly went crazy awesome

The universe, in effect, threw me a bitchin surprise party.

Mr Daniel totally made me a cake also

Big thanks to everybody who conspired with the universe to make it such a happy one.


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Dinner Party V

Saturday 17th July.

Most fiasco-tastic DP evar! It’s been a bit like that lately. I almost gave up and cancelled it. But I’m very glad I didn’t, coz despite all kinds of stupid problems in the end it still went OFF.

DP V: table, post-pie

(10:21pm; 4min 59sec)

Amongst other things, the DPP planning committee encountered considerable guestlist difficulty. Despite and at least partly because of no less than three date changes aimed at accommodating them all and genuine enthusiasm from at least some quarters, exactly none of the invitees I’d originally lined up ultimately managed to make it.

DP V: Luke + pie

(10:55pm; 1min 17sec)

Which might have been considered a fairly abject fail – were it not for the inspiringly circus-saving company of previous-attendee legends who, in flagrant violation of DPP rules, valiantly braved the cold and brought the awse instead: Matt K (DPs I and III), Twyllan (DP II), Henley (DP III), Sarah aka The Major (DP IV), Pablo (DPP virgin), Luke (DP IV), and of course Grimsey (DPs I, II, III and IV). Fucken <3.

DP V: pie

(12:24am; 4min 28sec)

It was an unprecedentedly structured DP. As per a preestablished order of proceedings there was soup, then salad, then pie, then the merciless destruction and defilement of an old chair that had unforgiveably given way under DP I alumnus Bourkie at CH the night before. Then, naturally, muffins.

DP V: RH pisses on the 'chair'

(1:16am; 2min 26sec)

Along the way there were tears (not really); there was laughter. It was epic.

DP V: muffin + table

(2:34am; 2min 49sec)


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Things To Be Thankful For (Seven)


Specifically: really goddamn good art.

Notes from The Vorticist

Fuck yeah.

(Previously; elsewhere.)


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Things To Be Thankful For (Six)

Chez Hagakure


I love this house.


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Things To Be Thankful For (Five)

Bitches who know how to treat their slaves right.

In a way being thankful isn't liable for nothing, because it implies a debt. But some people take being liable for nothing to a whole other level - and one can only be grateful.

One such ultrastar of an individual graced Chez Hagakure’s now-vacant second bedroom last weekend whilst on an all-too-brief-and-rare visit to Teh Melbourne.

This chick knows I would happily eat her shit on demand. But she never, ever abuses the knowledge. She brings me nothing but incredible awesomeness, invariably exactly when and where I need it. And she has never cost me a damn thing, by my reckoning.

It was, as always, a total & unmitigated pleasure to accommodate her.

I don't entirely understand how that works, but somehow it seems to. Which is.. well, 'nice' is hardly the word.

Or maybe it is. Who knows. Who cares. :)


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Things To Be Thankful For (Four)

Both of these things have been mentioned before. But I’m going to mention them again. Why the hell not.


OMFG etc.

I have been waiting for this device since my teens. And now I have it. I’m posting from it now, natch.

It’s not without its imperfections (shit camera; no Bluetooth; and, most heinously, the basic text editing function has no cut and paste, WTF; etc) but it seems churlish to complain about them.

I’m still adapting to it, but it’s already changing my life significantly for the more flexible and generally better.

(Going to Canberra next weekend & really, seriously need to be emailable at any time – with full access to your archives, FTP and the web – throughout the entire period? Hey, leave your cumbersome, valuable computer at home! Wander wither you will! Life is good.)

It’s almost everything it should be, and it makes me incredibly happy.

The arrival of Spring.

Feckin’ YAY!!



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Things To Be Thankful For (Three)


Feet at Airey's Inlet

Our relationship (whatever it is) has always been problematic and remains so in some ways. But the best ones often are.

After SPOD

I wish I could do a better job sometimes of making her understand how much I value and care about her.

The artist in Boston, shortly before sending me some of the funniest text messages I have ever received

She’s been a huge force for awesomeness in my life this year. She’s a legend and I fucking love her.

(Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.)


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Things To Be Thankful For (Two)

Dinner parties of awesome.


And everything and everyone associated with such occasions.


Also: punching bags.

D, moments before opening the gateway to a world of pain I felt so sorry for the bag after I was done with it that I gave it a hug. In hindsight I should have just punched the shit out of it some more

Triple, raining annihilation


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Things To Be Thankful For (One)


Toots gave me one of these the other day as a sort of post-birthday present, beautifully wrapped in a lovely box with two boxes of tea.

It’s one of those things I’ve wanted for ages and ages but somehow never quite gotten around to acquiring.

Doing tea properly, man.

Thanks, sis.

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