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Back From Commonground

It was good, although I was quite sad a lot of the time for not-Commonground related reasons.

Planting basil @ Commonground

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Greetings From Tallarook

So I didn’t get the backlog killed before I left. Not even close. But hey, I’ve made ground! (*eyeroll*)

And now I’m out here, I realise the whole thing probably doesn’t matter as much as I thought it did. There are, I guess, conceivably worse things than confronting the mythical apocalypse with a chaotic media archive and a delinquent blog.

First view of CG Fest proper

CG Fest was good, although I spent most of it sloughing off accumulated stress and sleep deprivation.

Ox Montalvo + The Truck + contraband gas stove

Maybe it’s just the delirium, but I’m quite unreasonably thrilled by the fact that my home for the next week and a half is this hut, whose previous occupant over the weekend was none other than Ella Hooper:

My hut at Commonground

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Nada, Sarra & Jony Meet Chloe & Scott in NYC

🙂 🙂 🙂 !

There’s some video of this too, although the files are possibly now lost.

Sarra & Nada Awad, Scott & Chloe in Zuccotti Park

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Sparkle Party

Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd July.

FB Photo album / photo archive.

Sparkle Party: Self

Sparkle Party: Kel

Sparkle Party: Sara

UPDATE (11th Sept 2015): I found these two pieces of audio, captured on the road to Sparkle Party in Sara’s truck at 6:15pm and 7:40pm respectively:

Sparkle Party

Sparkle Party: We survived

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Field Trip To Camp CHAG, Toolangi

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd June.

Point of note: I totes met Bob Brown at a public CHAG meeting at the Healesville Community hall on the Friday. (This was the second time I’d met him. The first time was in about 1994, when I shared a taxi with him to a Wilderness Society fundraiser in Canberra whilst dressed in a koala suit.)

Toolangi: Sign

Toolangi: Coup

Toolangi: Camp CHAG

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Weekend In Newstead

Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd June.

FB Photo album / photo & movie archive (700 MB).

Newstead: Nathan on the road

Video: Talking to Nathan on Friday evening. Video: Breakfast on Saturday morning.

Newstead: Latent bonfire

Video: Sara attempting to make fire. Video: Puppies fighting.

Newstead: Bonfire

Newstead: Sunday 3am

Newstead: Sunday 7:45am

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Field Trip To Occupy Geelong (Redux)

Occupy Geelong (redux)

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Field Trip to Occupy Geelong, aka The Salon

Friday 4th & Saturday 5th May.

The Salon

The Salon whiteboard

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Sam & Sar’s

Sam and Sar's at dawn (click for larger)

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Stuff I Did This Year

My 2010 started on a high. Life was good and all the stars were aligned, etc. Unfortunately the wheels started to come off in the second quarter and the second half was an increasingly shitful and regressive abortion.

So it goes. We’ll do this as many times as we have to.

Amongst other things (hosting some fairly awesome dinner parties, etc) I:

  • Went to Thailand;

  • Started studying art in fulfilment of longterm ambitions (alongside baby sis);

  • Went part time halfway through first semester (see also baby sis);

  • Reconciled with a former close associate after a long estrangement, which made me very happy;

  • Got very suddenly & unexpectedly shitcanned by a then-close associate three weeks later, with the inverse effect;

  • Deferred school and everything else and moped around reclusively for months doing increasingly little except thinking about everything, with increasingly hilarious consequences;

  • Turned 34 24 2.0;

  • Slapped myself around some for having fucked up so badly, thereby fucking things up more;

  • Got a job and started to apply the breaks.

I’m not going to thank specific people Oscar-stylez like I have the last two years.

People who’ve been awesome: thanks. People in general: also that other thing. Seriously.

Life is improving. I think we’ll be doing just fine if we relax a little.

Happy new year.


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Easter Camping

Friday 2nd April – Sunday 4th April.

Welcome sign

Beach + sea + sky

Adam & me at twilight

Nichk naked on the beach

Fire + tent

Feet + Kraken

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Night At Twyllan’s

Monday 22nd March.

NB No actual Tuss was consumed during the manufacture of this blog post; maybe next time


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Party In The Patch

Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st February.

(See previous.)

With Adam, Gab and Grimsey.

It was ace. Once again, got a shit-ton of audio – and once again (but even more so), it’s pretty much solid gold. So instead of fretting about what to use and what not to use like I did over the DP III post, I decided to just stick it all up; fuck it.

PITP blurb

Many of his followers would be surprised to learn that one of Ford's great guilty pleasures in life is to enjoy a sausage roll over a copy of the Herald Sun in not-particularly-glamorous Belgrave. Never let it be said that he lives in an ivory tower

PITP setup


PITP couches & feet

It would be fair to say we ignored this advice

Sunset over The Patch

Patch by night

PITP: the morning after

Post-PITP breakfastz


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Thailand (Three)

Bangkok, 2nd February.

Chinatown, Bankok

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Thailand (Two)

Ko Lanta, 28th January.

Khlong Khlong Beach, Ko Lanta

G on Khlong Khlong Beach, Ko Lanta

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