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The Ayn Rand Batman Incident

Don’t even ask.

The Ayn Rand Batman Incident

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Nang Party At CH The Night Before Leaving For Commonground

It was all Hugh’s idea. (I didn’t actually do any, believe it or not. But many were done.)

(Notes from this eve.)

Nang Party

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Wikileaks US Consulate Sit-In III

Friday, 26th October.

(Previously; previouslyer.)

It’s always about upping the ante – but due to unforseen circumstances, this one wound up being an unexpectedly massive clusterfuck.

WACA press release. Herald Sun coverage.

Bedlam’s vid of the main action:

Compilation of videos I shot in the Consulate lobby (my phone ran out of space just before we got dragged out):

FB post alluding to what happened after that:

And to close with some comic relief, here’s a video of Brother Lutz getting threatened with arrest out the front of the building for being an enemy of the state dropping a cigarette butt:

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Night In Teh Truck

Monday, 17th September.

In The Truck, 17 Sept 2012

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Birthday Party

Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th September.

It was more chaotic than usual – and, for me, marred by some sadness due to the absence of Certain Individuals (but what else is new I guess, lol/sigh).

In any case and all the same, the required standard was met. Which is to say: went off.

Thanks everyone 🙂

Birthday uke

Pasteup of assorted party-relevant FB posts (heh); FB photo album.

(Previously; previously; previously; previously.)

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Kade & Sara Cook Dinner

Kade & Sara weilding knives

Dinner cookage


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Drinks In Celebration Of Robert Doyle’s Spectacular Social Media Downfall @ Chez Hag

Friday, 10th August.

Carl Scrase explains everything.

Ben telling anti-jokes at about 3am (wait for it):

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32nd Birthday Of Pat Cross

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May Day

FB Photo album / photo archive.

Why are we striking?

May Day: Morning

May Day: 8 Hour Monument

May Day: Facebook Is Evil

May Day (scaled)

May Day: Stand For Your Rights

May Day: Return To The 888

May Day: State Library

May Day: Swanston St

May Day: Fuck The Police

May Day: Dumplings

May Day: City Square

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The Occuparty

Saturday, 31st March / Sunday, 1st April.

This long-awaited and much-anticipated function at James Muldoon’s house to celebrate the scheduled end of OM’s as-it-turned-out-not-actually-finished-yet Federal Court litigation against Melbourne City Council was – perhaps predictably – a clusterfuck. But perfectly so.

I was late and missed most of it except the disastrous conclusion and surreal, prolonged aftermath. Not much media was captured, or at least not by me.

(UPDATE (11th Sept 2015): I found two pieces of audio. This one, captured at 2:15am on my way to Muldoon’s, and the one at the foot of this post, captured at 5:33am at Golden Towers in the city:)

All I have is notes:

Occuparty notes

I’m particularly sad I didn’t manage, despite trying, to record Cobina’s unforgettable trashed mic check after everyone was chucked out of Muldoon’s house at around 3am (“DOES THE COLLECTIVE / WISH TO PRIORITIZE / FOOD, OR ALCOHOL? / WE SHOULD MAKE A DECISION / AND PROCEED ON THAT BASIS. / YOU ARE ALL FUCKED. / YOU ARE ALL. FUCKED.”) – leaving a horde of feral occupiers running amok on the streets of Brunswick unable to reach consensus, and ultimately sitting stubbornly for hours and hours by the side of Sydney Rd throughout the night for no particular reason except that, y’know, that’s what occupiers do.

Here’s a photo I took during said sit-in at around 5am (the sign at the top, which you can’t read due to overexposure, said “WHELAN: THE WRECKER”. This seemed profoundly meaningful or at least funny at the time):


And here’s a photo of chalkage done by Kenji at City Square, where the two of us ultimately wound up, compass-like, at 7am:


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First CH Party In Five Zany Months

Saturday, 24th March.

Went off.

Curiously but no doubt for the best, only one photo was taken.

I finally lost my DMT virginity! But I was too drunk to remember it. D’oh.


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Aftermath Of Occupy Monsanto Day / General Assembly #52

Saturday, 17th March.

Monsanto Day flier

Corrected City Square sign


Occupy The Food Supply

What's your fantasy?

You & you & you alone

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Occupy Chez Hagakure

Thursday 15th – Saturday 17th March.

A somewhat brutal Thursday at Chez Hag was unexpectedly redeemed by the sudden invasion at 7:15pm of a swarm of beloved Occutards who stayed for two nights wreaking havoc in preparation for Occupy Monsanto day on Saturday.

No blog post could possibly do justice to this shit. Neither can screencapped Facebook posts, but I’ll link some anyway.

Occ Chez Hag: Kitchen

Video shot around midnight on the Thursday:

Followup video shot around 2:15am:

Three other videos which could not not be included:


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TPPA Ch 7 News Hijack @ Fed Square

This all started when I received a call from Moo first thing in the morning advising that Channel 7 would be doing their evening news broadcast live from Federation Square, and suggesting that we quietly herd the cats for some snap TPPA-awareness-raising action.

Although in the end I personally missed the whole actual thing. Who knew it would turn out to be this epic? Wrong day to be taking a break. Oh well.

Amazing raw footage of Indi’s (1 gig). KenjiVision:

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Surprise K!P Gig @ The Evelyn

Thursday, 1st December.

K!P @ The Evelyn

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