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Proper CH Party

Friday 11th June.

The first oldschool stylez party we’ve had here since my birthday in September. Blame The DPP.

Proper CH party

Went off.

Footage of my broken VCR/DVD player being ritually destroyed on the stroke of midnight: part 1 (42 meg); part 2, starring MYF (671 kb); part 3 (36 meg).

(My original plan was to throw it off the roof before destroying it. But unfortunately the ladder which would have facilitated this turned out to be at Toots’s house. So it goes; that piece of shit still got completely annihilated. Result! etc)

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“They Are Steel-Capped Boots; Welcome To Broadmeadows”

Saturday 5th June.

An exhausted Sims reclines in accidental soft focus

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