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Greetings From The 10th Circle

It’s all about the stats today.

I can’t believe the Fields is still pulling nearly 100 hits per diem, despite being almost completely dormant – whilst the writhing hotbed of horror and degradation that is H419 struggles to scrape the 60 mark.

TF’s linked from a lot more places, I guess.

It’ll all come good.

Thanks for visiting! You’re helping to keep the dream alive.

That is all. For now.


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Seriously! Go read Hagakure 419!

If you have enjoyed this (possibly now defunct) weblog, you will have multiple orgasms over the ‘Kure.

It’s filled with bloggy goodness the likes of which you ain’t been seeing round these parts for ages. It’s a depraved new world! And quite frankly, you owe it to yourself to get into it. Any way you can.

What are you, scared?

I reckon you’re just scared.

Our resident Enlightenment Officer, Calumny Pointsettia, sent out a promotional email which was a bit over the top. Perhaps it frightened everyone off. I tried to tell her to tone it down a little, but she wouldn’t listen. She gets a bit carried away sometimes. But that’s just because she loves our little house blog so much.

Go on – we’ve got Chesh and everything.

What more could you possibly want?


There’s nothing more that you could possibly want.


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House Blog

That is all.

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Sammy the Dog

(nee Ryfrost Silver Dollar)

6 May 1992 – 4 April 2006

~ much loved ~

Sam B&W 2003






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Comme une chocolat dans le soleil

Oh the irony.


Sammy – who is very old and has a chronic illness – has taken awful sick. For the last two weeks or so he’s been extremely lethargic and has hardly been able to keep any food down. I took him to the vet last week. She gave him some medication but it hasn’t helped.

He hasn’t moved from his mat in the corner of the living room for three days, and has basically given up eating & drinking.


I’m taking him to the vet again tomorrow, for the last time.

It’s funny. Quite a number of people who he doesn’t even know will miss him. I wish I could tell him about his blog-derived fanbase. I’m sure it would make him happy.


He was always very guarded and self-contained, and many mistook this for indifference. But he loved people. Other dogs, he could take or leave; I suspect this made him kind of lonely, but it’s one of the qualities I’ve always admired about him. Dogs are such whores, generally. He was a trouper and always carried himself with quiet dignity. (Except when he was being a goon.)

Bye bye Sammy.

UPDATE (Monday 3rd) – He’s rallied! I woke up to find his bed empty, and followed a long, telltale trail of liquid shit through the kitchen to the garden, where he was up and walking around.

Not sure what to do now. I guess we’ll give him a day or two, see what happens.


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