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Went off.

Admittedly not to quite the full extent of last year’s – but on the upside no one wound up in hospital this time, and no string of events which will lead to me being effectively completely shut down for the best part of the coming year were set in train. Which is always good.

On the downside, my Ixus disappeared – I won’t say explicitly that Wouters stole it because, however plausible, this theory can’t be proven beyond reasonable doubt – so there are no pictures. But a lot of audio was captured, and it’s great.

This bit is my favourite. The core of it is Grimsey asking various people if they think Facebook is dead, and Henley‘s impassioned rantsponse:

I’ve produced a full transcript of the above clip, in the vague hope that this might help others to appreciate it almost as much as I do.

And this is me the morning[*] after:


[*] Morning, afternoon, whatever.


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Random Pictures Of The Week Since I Got Back

Breakfast on Brunswick St w/ Gab & Grimsey

With Toots @ Black Cat (NTS: red wine is evil)

G-made tom yum soup

Lid necklace seen in Fitzroy back alley post surreal St Kilda ammyl jaunt

Birthday cocktails for Paddy P on Lygon

True story

Making sushi for my birthday party, tonight

This picture doesn't need a caption


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With Gab & Dan.

G, Dan & me at Chez Hagakure


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New York (Four)

With D.

D eating horrible Japanese in Times Square

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New York (Three)

With Bourkie “B. Jerky” Bourke.

Bourkie & me in St Marks Place


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