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I’m Back

It was pretty fucking good. (As in “That’s a pretty fucking good milkshake.“)

Thanks to Major G, the Rainbow Serpent undercover vibe police, and most especially a man named Thad.

More will be said once I have fully regained the power of speech, and also my computer. Which I still don’t have. Still.

So don’t even care right now!


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Still Puterless!!!


Avoid these people. They will quote you four days on the repair of your eMac, then keep it for ten with no end in sight. They can’t even tell me how much it’s going to cost. At this rate I won’t be paying them anyway.

Fuck this shit. I’m going to Rainbow Serpent.

Hooray for everything (except puterlessness)!

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Totally and utterly ‘puterless. Still. I’m posting this from an internet cafe on Brunswick St.

It really does feel like I’ve entered a strange alternate (originally typed: “alternet”) dimension.

It’s quite good. It’s a PAIN IN THE ASS. But it’s certainly novel.

In other news: Happy first birthday, Nada.

Your birthday present is that you are now officially allowed outside to wander wither you will.

We look forward to seeing what you make of the world beyond the fortresslike confines of Chez Hagakure, and what it makes of you.


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Wither Reality Blogging

Post-movie beers at Old Bar with MG & Coburg

Feed my narcissism, you cunts.


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Walking Home From Carling’s House With Celestine

Matt skating outside Carling's house in Brunswick at 5am this morning (1) Matt skating outside Carling's house in Brunswick at 5am this morning (2)
Matt skating outside Carling's house in Brunswick at 5am this morning (3) Matt skating outside Carling's house in Brunswick at 5am (4)

Dawn breaking over Sydney Road (note hot air balloons)

Celestine picked some flowers

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Liable For Nothing

Starring Johnny Coburg (nb liable for nothing) and Sjorka The Sorcha (please note: liable for nothing), as themselves.

No liability was incurred.


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Wither Comments

Looking at old TF posts for the purposes of linking to them in more recent TF posts, I was struck by something: No fucker is commenting here any more. (Except Liv. And Li. And Wortwut. And the odd Neurocam random combing the archives.) (Gotta love those tenacious, cockroachlike Neurocam randoms.)

Where have you gone, beloved blog massive?

Do you not love me any more?

Is it because Lady J doesn’t love me any more?

That’s it, isn’t it.

It is. Don’t lie.

Actually, I don’t think that’s really it at all. It’s all about me. (It is always all about me.)

To get perhaps ill-advisedly personal for a moment (Li will enjoy this):

Towards the end of 2005, I had Learned To Love Myself. Man. Really, truly had. It was nice. It had been a long time coming.

And I got lots of comments in those days. Because as we all know, if you love yourself – like, really, truly do – then everyone else will love you too. Everyone who matters, anyways.

LJ fell in love with me at around this time. And that was great. But then I think I became dependent on her loving me in order to love myself. So when she stopped, I kinda stopped as well. Et voila: blog comments? Thing of the past.

It’s more complex than that, naturally. But it’s One Way Of Looking At Things. Makes a lot of sense to me.

This is partly the reason people sing the blues when their partners leave them. It’s partly that you just desperately miss having them around, course; it’s partly the shattered dreams of future happiness; it’s partly the sense that all this time and energy expended on getting to know this person really, really well and them getting to know you really, really well, and building trust and constructing a shared identity and blah blah blah has all gone totally to waste. It’s partly because you feel like a part of your very soul has been ripped out, leaving a huge gaping hole in your psyche.

But it’s also significantly because you’ve forgotten how to love yourself without someone else to back you up on it.

That’s really, really bad though. You shouldn’t need anyone else to love you. And the more you do, the less they will.

Am I wrong, non-existent blog readers?

It’s one of those perverse inverse dynamics that The Universe is so fond of, for some sick twisted reason that I will never entirely understand [*] except maybe when I’m on nitrous oxide.

Ah, sweet nitrous oxide.

It will never leave me. Until they make it illegal.

(Why isn’t it illegal? It’s so good.)

[*] NB This is disingenuous; I do in fact understand perfectly. It’s because people are attracted to power and personal power derives from self-sufficiency. But for the purposes of allowing this post to form a nice, natural arc, I had to pretend to be stupider than I really am. Funny how that happens sometimes.


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So, Things That Need Fixing:

  • My eMac (can’t take audio input, even via an external mic; this is No Good At All)
  • My TV (does not really need to be fixed; just needs a new adapter coz the old one got wet and died) (see also: DVD player)
  • My camera, apparently

Amount of spare cash I have lying around: none.

Prostitution is looking real good right now. I think it would pay better than conducting legitimate social research, be more fun, and also do more to make the world a better place.

But how do you get into the industry? Is there a TAFE course or something?


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There Is A Dead Cat In The Gutter Outside My House

I really wanted to take a picture and post it, but my camera has mysteriously died also.

So it goes.

Update (Tuesday) – Cruddy phone-camera pic:

Dead cat


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I Went To The Movies Last Night

I saw a late show of The Darjeeling Limited at the Nova. It was really, really good. Prior to that I literally hadn’t been to a movie since my barely-remembered trip to Sydney last July, which is just crazy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Sitting texting happily away waiting for the trailers to start, I remembered seeing Wes Anderson’s last effort The Life Aquatic in the exact same cinema in 2005. It was all very funny and illusion-of-time and etc.

Movies are good. Note to self: see more movies.


Trouble is: much as I fucking love going to the cinema, it’s quite expensive – and I find it hard to sit down and stay still for long enough to watch a whole movie at home. It feels lazy and timewastey. “What am I doing, just sitting here?” I think to myself. “I could be wandering around in the garden smoking cigarettes and thinking about things, or taking over the world, or updating my Facebook status, or, or, or.. [is overwhelmed by infinite possibilities; goes blank].”

It’s partly something I picked up from living with Bendendo and then Wouters, both of whom would sit around for hours watching TV randomly for no particular reason almost every day, in a way that made me want to slap them.

Largely as a result of this, I basically no longer watch TV at all in any form, ever. My TV’s been effectively broken for the last two months. It hasn’t been problematic.

But maybe I’ll just have to get it fixed, and learn. I could doodle whilst I watch.

Hmm. Hmm!


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In Other News

Ms Fits has acknowledged my existence again. (Previously.)

There really is nothing left to live for.

(Except, y’know, art and shit.)


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To Do List

To do list

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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2008!

We’re lost, but unconcerned.

It’s working out surprisingly well so far.

Requests are being taken, and may be directed to the usual address.

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