I Went To The Movies Last Night

I saw a late show of The Darjeeling Limited at the Nova. It was really, really good. Prior to that I literally hadn’t been to a movie since my barely-remembered trip to Sydney last July, which is just crazy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Sitting texting happily away waiting for the trailers to start, I remembered seeing Wes Anderson’s last effort The Life Aquatic in the exact same cinema in 2005. It was all very funny and illusion-of-time and etc.

Movies are good. Note to self: see more movies.


Trouble is: much as I fucking love going to the cinema, it’s quite expensive – and I find it hard to sit down and stay still for long enough to watch a whole movie at home. It feels lazy and timewastey. “What am I doing, just sitting here?” I think to myself. “I could be wandering around in the garden smoking cigarettes and thinking about things, or taking over the world, or updating my Facebook status, or, or, or.. [is overwhelmed by infinite possibilities; goes blank].”

It’s partly something I picked up from living with Bendendo and then Wouters, both of whom would sit around for hours watching TV randomly for no particular reason almost every day, in a way that made me want to slap them.

Largely as a result of this, I basically no longer watch TV at all in any form, ever. My TV’s been effectively broken for the last two months. It hasn’t been problematic.

But maybe I’ll just have to get it fixed, and learn. I could doodle whilst I watch.

Hmm. Hmm!


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  1. Li

    Did they play Hotel Chevalier before it? I think they did in the states.

  2. Liv

    Great film. I’ve seen 4 excellent films of late. And 1 mediocre one.
    I love the thee-ate-her.

  3. teigan

    Me too.
    Me. Too. *nods*
    And it was great, ay. I liked it much better than Life Aquatic. Haven’t seen any of his others, but I’m so going to.
    What were the other good ones you saw?
    Someone suggested going to see No Country For Old Men last night. But by the time we actually decided to do that, it was too late in the evening to catch a session.
    So I just stayed home and drank rum and listened to music and thought about things and left stupid wall posts on people’s walls.

  4. Liv

    See. It.
    NCFOM is quite amazing really.
    I also saw Into The Wild. Great.
    And I’m Not There. Incredible. Like, seriously.
    Mediocre one was Hunting and Gathering. Sweet and French and with pretty people.

  5. teigan

    See. It.
    I also saw Into The Wild. Great.
    Hadn’t heard anything about this one until I Googled it just now. But okay.
    And I’m Not There. Incredible. Like, seriously.
    This one is already on my list. Todd Haines; he’s quite good. I quite like him. Novel concept n’all. Yay, novelty.
    Mediocre one was Hunting and Gathering. Sweet and French and with pretty people.
    Ew! Pretty people! /sarcasm

  6. Liv

    I’m looking forward to your reviews.

  7. wortwut

    I agree, Into The Wild is excellent. Complex and nuanced and sort of inspiring. More movies = good. One of my resolutions is to see more movies alone (because at least then I’ll see them instead of waiting until it’s convenient for someone else). And I like going alone.
    I reckon Darjeeling Limited is a being totally overrated. I’m not sure what everyone loves about it so much. I’ve gone off Wes Anderson.
    Having said that, I like Royal Tenenbaums the best. That JD Salinger brownstone thing really appeals to me.

  8. Liv

    Indeed, solo movie-going is excellent.
    But there’s something about the dark, the need for whispers and the prospect of hand-holding that makes movie-going with another quite lovely.

  9. teigan

    I’ve always liked going alone. It’s ultimately about the movie, after all, not socialising. There’s stigma associated with going to the movies alone. But it’s stupid stigma.
    Going with others is good too tho. Especially if you can whisper and hold hands. sigh etc
    I totally got Darjeeling Limited. I walked out very satisfied and like “Yes, I Understand.” But there was also enough in it I didn’t entirely understand that I’m still having weird dreams about it, days later.
    It wasn’t, like, top-10-favouritist-of-all-time material. But it was excellent. IMHO.

  10. Liv

    Yes. Sigh indeed.

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