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Wonderful News

I just have received two pieces of spam from bots operating under the names “Episcopacy J. Belgrade” and “Culverts Q. Colicky”.

Spam is not at all a strange phenomenon in itself – but why is so much spam so strange?


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Groan Box In The Meat Show

Here is a fellow who is not insane (although he is an idiot) who believes that Monsignor Manson is genuinely monstrously evil – a possibility with which I am very enamoured.

He proposes that Manson sought/seeks to aggressively & systematically demoralize his own audience, without them noticing, in order to create dependency. He suggests, for example, that MM’s objective in drilling his listeners over and over and over again with the phrase:

We’re disposable teens
We’re disposable teens
We’re disposable teens
We’re disposable

was not the stated one of providing an empowering outlet for the sense of frustration and alienation experienced by many young people in contemporary society – but rather to, on a very direct and visceral level, remind and reinforce to teens that they are indeed disposable to him and worthless in general – keeping them down and in their place, and inspiring them to perversely greater heights of devotion at the same time.

I do not find this theory entirely implausible.


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Intelligent Discussion Thread On The Neuroboard

I always knew one would happen eventually.

PS – I feel silly even responding to this, but for the record I am not Dan “Conchis” Pritchard. For starters we live on opposite sides of the world. This would surely be very easy to prove.


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All Change II

Due to tedious circumstances beyond my control, I’ll be relocating back to B%$&ger in a few days. Rest assured that the format you know and.. apparently don’t dislike will remain the same.

Gethsemane – who I have recently taken pity on and appointed as my personal assistant (hopefully having something worthwhile to do will keep her mind off her recent heartbreak and away from the Dubonnet & gin) – has yet to finish setting everything up, but the new url will be:

Devastatingly beautiful template submissions are very welcome.

UPDATE – Turns out this won’t be necessary after all. Probably. Apologies!

And I’ve fired Gethsemane – she was hopeless.


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Neurocam Identifier

As requested.

Neurocam Identifier

I do requests, y’know.

It just takes me a little while sometimes..


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Mobile Quandry

So, my old phone is definitely lost.

I need to get another as a matter of priority.

Having conducted a whirlwind survey of the market I’ve narrowed it down to two options. But now, just for a fucking change, I’m paralysed by indecision.

First, there’s the Nokia 6610i. This is the sensible option.

– Within my price range
– Familiar, since it is just my old phone with a camera in it

– It’s just my old phone with a camera in it; get real

Then there’s the 6101.

– Is desperately sexy and I want it so bad
– MP3 ringtones
– Have basically already decided on a level deeper than I can entirely control that it will be mine

– Strong & convincing case can be made that, at A$400, it’s about twice as expensive as I can reasonably afford
– Advertising tends to suggest it’s really a girl’s phone

I am at an impasse.

Maybe I could sign a contract and do a deferred payment deal-thing. I wonder if I’d qualify. Probably not. I have a clear credit history but only fairly casual employment.

Somebody tell me what to do.

UPDATE – I just talked to Virgin Mobile (incidentally, what do we think about their bizarre ‘please stop pranking Jason Donovan on the following number’ campaign? Lame, or quite funny & clever? Once again.. I just can’t decide. In any case it seems to have worked on me) and they told me I could indeed have a 6101 with more than enough included credit for a paltry $25 a month over two years.. YAY! BUT they’re out of stock till mid-November. Arrgh!


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He chose you, honey!

Sing it, Fitsy.

Can I call you Fitsy? I feel as if I know you. Although of course I don’t, nor will I ever.

Total number of hits I have received as a result of people searching on some variant of ‘katie holmes brainwashed scientology’ since June: 108.


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Operative Pulat’s Workstation


I got nuttin’, sorry.

Should I paint my toenails? There’s all this nailpolish lying around..


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Have You Seen This Phone?

It’s escaped.

I don’t even have any pictures of it. I took it for granted, I guess. Maybe I deserved to lose it.

It had all my numbers in it. Probably still does.


Come back to me, phone.


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Pritchard, Pritchard, Pritchard

He remains a riddle wrapped in an enigma. And beautifully so, it must be said.


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Note To Self: Good Name For Band

“Earnest Selfrighteousness & The Legitimate Grievances”


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neurocam is not anything to do with animal behaviourism

New operative Grey recently posted this to the Neuroboard:

I recived an email from Ms. Moore waiting for me in my Gmail inbox recently. I noticed that all of the adds along the side were having something to do with animal behaviour. As you know Gmail scans for key words within your mail and targets adds to you. Nothing within this mail would in my opinion lead to the advertising of many animal behavoir services and studies. Does google know something I dont, something about the unveiling, the human animal and Neurocam?



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Black Thumbnail

One of the ridiculous jobs I am currently forced to do for economic reasons by a harsh, uncaring and insane world involves a lot of attention being paid to my hands.

In order to deflect attention away from my retarded right thumbnail, I painted my left thumbnail black.

Black left thumbnail

It seems to be working, but I don’t know if it was a particularly productive strategy.


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Is It Just Me, Or..

..are we seeing more completely catastrophic natural disasters than we used to?


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To: Amanda Vanstone (

From: Operative Pulat
Subject: Time to go, Mandy
Date: 7 October 2005 6:06:16 PM

Dear Senator Vanstone,

I write in reaction to a story featured prominently in this morning’s edition of The Age concerning the report of the Commonwealth Ombudsman on your Department’s execrable treatment of Ms. Vivian Alvarez Solon.

Solon report headline

I thought I had reached a point where nothing a senior representative of the Federal Government did could surprise. But I confess the arrogance and irresponsibility displayed by you in response to this seemingly damning report astonishes me.

Even by the abysmal standards we have become very accustomed to from the Federal Government and the Federal APS in recent years, both you and your Department are a complete disgrace. That you, your colleagues and your superiors all seem to regard it as appropriate for you to try and tough out this latest DIMIA scandal can only be described as surreal.

It’s time for you to resign, you blind, heartless bitch. Failing that, I sincerely hope you die painfully and soon. That is, in my view, the very least you deserve.

Yours in contempt and disgust,

Operative Pulat


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