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Overnighting On The State Library Lawns

Overnighting @ State Library Lawns, Sun 30th Oct 2011

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Post-Eviction General Assembly @ Trades Hall

Saturday, 22nd October.


Post-Eviction General Assembly, Trades Hall, Sat 22 Oct 2011

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Chez Hagakure Cohabitative Arrangement VI Official Housewarming Shenanigan / Karl’s Birthday

Friday, 21st October.

Housewarming 1

As anomalous Chez Hagakure parties go, I’d rate this one as anomalous out of ten. We didn’t even do Russian Cocaine in the end. Due to earlier events I was a bit discombobulated. Etc. But it still went off.

Housewarming 2

At an advanced stage of the evening I even shot a video. Don’t say I never do anything for yiz.

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Eviction Of Occupy Melbourne From City Square

Friday, 21st October.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Police Called For Your Safety?

Random video I shot from across the road:

Fairly eye-popping report from that well-known “bastion of socialist activism” (lol, Geoff Lemon) The Herald Scum:

Video coverage by Anthony Snowden:

In summation: Robert Doyle is a fucking cunt.

Also: this.

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Walking With Toots To Georgie’s Birthday Drinks At The Standard

Sunday, 16th October.

The day after Toots’s housewarming.

Walking with Toots 1 Walking with Toots 2
Walking with Toots 3 Walking with Toots 4

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Adam’s Grand Final BBQ

Saturday, 1st October.

'Share a Coke with the empty validation of corporate ad-men who saw you coming a mile off' - Matt Kav, 2011

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Ten Tips For Becoming More Social

An article I wrote to spec for Jony Espinal & Sarra Awad’s website/burgeoning media empire A Young Person’s Guide To The Universe.

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