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Scary, Scary, Don’t We Look Mean

(via The Wild Hunt.)

What Mishuki said.

Happy Halloween, everybody.


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Life Is Good

nb clever peripheral utilization may or may not reveal secret hidden messages

Have a good look at yourself.! courtesy of Souvlaki King. No charge - real decent of them

Best steak sanger in Melbourne to boot, reckons Els; good to be seeing her back again

Faux-Red Bull Coke Zero I felt strangely compelled to buy

Steve Cronin sent this to me; he's basically good, I like him

In retrospect, some obscure shoutout significance may be read into the uncharacteristic choice of variety, but sometimes a pizza is just a pizza. Everybody basically understands pizza

Life is good.


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So, November Rolls Around Again

And, as previously advertised, I’m going to be spending much of it writing a 50,000 word novel. Wish me a broken leg. Heh.

I’m not sure how this will effect my blogging output; whether it’ll go completely dead, or through the roof, or stay basically the same, or grow into a (yet another) poignant and/or disturbing document of my progressive descent into total insanity, or what.

But I ‘spect we’ll find out!


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Is it me, or is spam just getting weirder and weirder and weirder?

I mean seriously.. wtf?

From: “addict.” Date: 26 October 2006 8:42:53 AM
Subject: confirmed react poorly

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There needs to be a punchline here of some kind but I just… I don’t know what it is.


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Holy Crap You’re A Cunt, Hely

Some day I will take enormous pleasure in watching you genuinely suffer, you worthless irredeemable piece of shit.

From: Stephen Cronin
Date: 15 October 2006 2:42:16 PM
To: Teigan
Subject: Re: how the hell do you write so well


I was eventually going to come out to you with the truth anyway. Who was I to deny the Great Robert Henley as such a lonely Operative. And when he offered me something that CH (you) couldn’t.. I took it.

Here is the official list of people that screwed you over (including myself.)

Robin Hely – gave orders and orchestrated everything
Midnight – played a dual identity role with you to screw you over, purposely tried to tick you off (by poor handling of admissions, etc.) in order to try and get you to quit.. RH’s idea actually lol)
Chris Titan – used Herbert Finch in an attempt to break you down
Steve Cronin – fed info to RH through convos with you & CH (you)
Adren – Called your Sister under orders of RH (That’s really all he did and was never really involved with any of the plotting. Adren was probably the most innocent one out of all of us.)

I don’t know why I just got into this.. I never planned to write about this when i started this e-mail.


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I Can’t Believe

That I just wasted almost the entire afternoon installing Linux on my iPod and troubleshooting it.

What I can believe even less is that it almost feels as though it was worth the effort.

I’d include a picture, but ~ has hijacked my camera.

Actually, now that I have Linux on my iPod there is almost certainly some way of doing a screen capture.

But I’m fucked if I’m going to figure out what it is.


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We Went To The Victoria Markets On Saturday

And we bought:

A cherry-flavoured cigar!
Cherry Tatiana


Three feet of San Pedro Cactus!

3 feet of San Pedro

Aaand – thanks to an anonymous tipoff – we also acquired from this Asian grocery…
Asian grocery

.. Red Bull concentrate!

Red Bull in cabinet

For $2.80 a bottle, complete with nutritional information:

Red Bull Nutritionals



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Scenes From A Zenarchist Coffee Ceremony

Initial setup dark

Initial setup light

Candle, spliff, chess pieces

Light table

Double spliff

Smoking double spliff

Dark table



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Hot Flash, Call The Papers etc

More Rushkoff linkage: In which it occurs to our protagonist that contemporary western democracy is eminently recognisable as – gasp – nothing but an elaborate con!! Who’d a thunk it?


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I Went To A Soccer Match Yesterday

Soccer ticket

I actually worked at Telstradome for a period last year, but I had never been to any kind of football game before in my life.

It was pretty cool. That said, it’s conceivable I only found it to be as such because I was half-tripping on mushies, something else I have never done before.

Telstradome Arena

Absolutely true story: on our way to catch the tram going out, we passed a guy who tried to hit us for change. When we said no, he looked me straight in the eye and shouted “magic mushrooms!” before going back to reaming the coin dispensers on a bank of public phones.

~ assures me I was not visibly fucked up in any way at all.


But in retrospect… awesome!

People crossing bridge


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~ made this for me last night; I found it sitting on my speaker upon reluctantly emerging from bed at around midday.

He’s very creative.



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Don’t Y’all Be Looking So Smug Now

Did Lady J send you this picture?

Did she then give you permission to post said picture to your blog?


Be grateful that I am so generously inclined to share.



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What I Got For My Birthday

A can of whoop-ass Hagakure style yo Easy Surface Prep

Easy Surface Prep

A Discombobulator of my very own


Two bottles of apparently non-lethal Red Bull concentrate

Red Bull concentrate bottles

Two bottles of Arrogant Frog sauvignon blanc

Arrogant Frog sauvignon blanc bottles

Two delicious, beautifully wrapped and generally special cupcakes (not shown)

What remains of the cupcakes

Colourful and appealing multimedia art products

Multimedia art

A hefty biography of John Fowles, bafflingly enough

A Life In Two Worlds

A black 30 gigabyte iPod, which was nice

iPod & Billie

A Brave New World mug

Brave New World mug

Cards & chocolate

Cards Chocolate

Amongst other things.

Thanks everyone. It was great!


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~‘s Mother Bought A Cow

So now our freezer is full of frozen cow.

Freezer full of cow

She also gave us some duck eggs.

Duck eggs

I boiled one and had it for breakfast.

Boiled duck egg

It was well tasty.


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Fuck Yiz All


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