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Final Pre-May Day Haymarket Collective Meeting At Saxton’s House


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Carina Burns The American Flag

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Occupy Friday #17

OccFri #17: Chloe & Daryl

OccFri #17: Open Mind Tender Heart

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Occupy McFarland St Treehouse (Part III) / Sarah’s 30th Birthday

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd April.

Appropriately epic and amazing. As per the Occuparty, I got almost no media – but there’s notes. And this intoxicated FB post made on the Saturday night, about halfway through the 48-hour proceedings:

Pictionary game referred to above:

Sarah's 30th: Pictionary

Soup, late on Sunday afternoon:

Sarah's 30th: Soup

I arrived home extremely comedowny and worse for wear on the Sunday eve to find Sara K, Scott, Indi & Warren unexpectedly still at my house, where they’d spent all weekend in my absence. Which was perfect.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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Occupy Friday #16

OccFri #16: Scrase For Mayor

OccFri #16: Open Your Eyes

Video shot by Chloe of in-hindsight-kind-of-hilarious Kenji arrest drama at Fed Square in the evening, where a small group had gone to disrupt a Kony 2012 rally (I unfortunately missed this, having taken off earlier for Studdsy’s 30th birthday party):

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Tommy’s Wake @ The Bendigo

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Occupy Friday #15

OccFri #15: Revolution

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Postering For Occupy Friday

Occupy Friday Postering

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I Quit My Job For Occupy

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The Occuparty

Saturday, 31st March / Sunday, 1st April.

This long-awaited and much-anticipated function at James Muldoon’s house to celebrate the scheduled end of OM’s as-it-turned-out-not-actually-finished-yet Federal Court litigation against Melbourne City Council was – perhaps predictably – a clusterfuck. But perfectly so.

I was late and missed most of it except the disastrous conclusion and surreal, prolonged aftermath. Not much media was captured, or at least not by me.

(UPDATE (11th Sept 2015): I found two pieces of audio. This one, captured at 2:15am on my way to Muldoon’s, and the one at the foot of this post, captured at 5:33am at Golden Towers in the city:)

All I have is notes:

Occuparty notes

I’m particularly sad I didn’t manage, despite trying, to record Cobina’s unforgettable trashed mic check after everyone was chucked out of Muldoon’s house at around 3am (“DOES THE COLLECTIVE / WISH TO PRIORITIZE / FOOD, OR ALCOHOL? / WE SHOULD MAKE A DECISION / AND PROCEED ON THAT BASIS. / YOU ARE ALL FUCKED. / YOU ARE ALL. FUCKED.”) – leaving a horde of feral occupiers running amok on the streets of Brunswick unable to reach consensus, and ultimately sitting stubbornly for hours and hours by the side of Sydney Rd throughout the night for no particular reason except that, y’know, that’s what occupiers do.

Here’s a photo I took during said sit-in at around 5am (the sign at the top, which you can’t read due to overexposure, said “WHELAN: THE WRECKER”. This seemed profoundly meaningful or at least funny at the time):


And here’s a photo of chalkage done by Kenji at City Square, where the two of us ultimately wound up, compass-like, at 7am:


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