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It’s on.

!!! \O/ !!!

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Surprise K!P Gig @ The Evelyn

Thursday, 1st December.

K!P @ The Evelyn

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Luke Hand’s Opening

Wednesday, 30th November.

Sign Of Maturity

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“WTF Is Neurocam?” Cast & Crew Screening

Sunday, 13th November.

WTF Is Neurocam?


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Ten Tips For Becoming More Social

An article I wrote to spec for Jony Espinal & Sarra Awad’s website/burgeoning media empire A Young Person’s Guide To The Universe.

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Last Day Of The Melbourne Central Prismatic Audit

Friday 3rd September.

(Previously; more photos; official site.)

Colour is what gives us colour


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Interview With The Prismatic Auditors

Tuesday 23rd February.

Starring Jason Maling & Torie Nimmervoll. (Previously; elsewhere.)

Torie applies slice

Prismatic audit Day 3

Predominant Daily Colour By Corridor

(Interview transcript.)

Jason and Torie hoist the flag


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Media Backlog

I blame Liv[*]. We’re working on it. Life is good. That is all.

UPDATE: ION, read Ev’s blog.

[*] I do not really blame Liv.


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Interlude: Return Of Soybean

She’s back. Again.

Nothing will ever be the same.

(NB The extent to which nothing is or is not ever the same in your specific experiential sphere may vary in accordance with a range of factors – some known, some unknown; some known to be unknown, others unknown as unknown. The degree of liability expressed or implied by the above statement can be estimated at approximately one [1] wad of NADA. Hooray for everything.)

(Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.)


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Liv & Gab Done Got Blogs

Go read them. I got nothin’. Except an interminably unclearable email backlog. (Plus ca change etc.)

And, I guess, the news that after two years of global trekkage, an older, worldly-wiser Toots aka babysis is coming home today! To my home (ie Melbourne)!

Can you say “I’m fucking excited”? Coz I surely can.


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Racing Season, etc

Found in the toilets at St Jerome’s on Saturday night:

Racing ticket

I’ve got absolutely zero interest in horseracing, but I love this time of year.

In other news, the artist formerly known as Shemyaza and more recently known as Jonathan Carfax has a new blog-based venture “dedicated to providing an uniquely Australian perspective on absinthe, and to provid[ing] fellow absintheurs with the most up-to-date and reliable information on absinthe varieties and tasting notes, as well as providing a home for Australian Libertines and lovers of bohemian culture, decadence and art, both historic and contemporary.”

It looks pretty cool.

He asked me if I’d like to be an occasional contributor. I replied:

Right now I’m extremely busy & preoccupied preparing for a VCA interview on the 21st and generally trying to metaprogram my way into the belief that I’m a Real Artist, whilst attempting as best I can to assimilate the monumental dual headfuck that:

(a) [censored]

(b) for all his sins, I really *like* the crazy, evil bastard.

And I should tell you that as a retiring semi-recluse I have at best only a nodding acquaintance with the Melbourne artistic intelligentsia and bar scene – although I wouldn’t be averse to developing a closer one for a cause as worthy as your own.

So yeah – if you have any absinthe you want me to drink / burlesque performers you want me to date / etc from next month onwards, feel very free to giz a heads up (equine or otherwise) (preferably the latter, ay).

That is the news.

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Wortwut Is Staying With Me At The Moment

She is doing a show at West Space. If you are in Melbourne (or have the means to travel), you should come to her opening tomorrow night.

Range Of Motion Catalogue

Then go to Freakley’s on Friday.

I am. You should too.


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Note To Self: You Should Read Fitsy More Often

She’s scenestery and overexposed (in blog terms) – but who cares? She’s still great.


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What Would You Do

.. if you could get away with it?

* * *

(UPDATE – Note to the person who just entered “rejoin Neurocam”: you can. They will take pretty much anyone. Even I, the most hated-on man in ex-Camland, could probably rejoin if I wanted to. Especially if I used a new name. Why you would want to is a mystery, because it’s a laughable shambles overseen by a compulsively manipulative, pathologically self-centred fuckhead from hell. But hey, go for it.)


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Search Hit Of The Week

irresponsible whack “american psychiatric association”

Go off your meds, kids.

(and omg – update – happy birthday, toots!)


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