(this space intentionally left blank)

Sullenest cat I have ever seen:
Sullen cat

Street I saw it on:
Street sign


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  1. That cat looks like he doesn’t want you to go anywhere near his collection of rare moss…
    …You know what those cats are like. This one appears to have lost a leg in ‘Nam too.

  2. It wasn’t just that particular photo, either. Maybe it was just the natural cast of its eyes, but it was really a uniquely evil and pissed off-looking specimen. I wanted to take a few more pictures but I was afraid it might gore me.

  3. My cats are prettier than that one. :DDD
    Damn that streets name. Got that goddamn waterloo song my father always listens to stuck in my head.
    I give up. :sings:
    Waterlooooo, I was deeeefeated you wooon the waaaarr. LALA

  4. I’ve always idly wondered what that lyric was.. since the relevant Oasis song came out I’ve tended to hear it as “something-a-something-a wonderwall” but I knew that couldn’t be it. Ta for clearing that up.
    That said, please don’t sing ABBA here again or you will be banned.

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