Personality Test Redux


Personality test results

Post personality test beers with Henley


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4 Responses to Personality Test Redux

  1. Is this another cult thing Tigger?
    You know, like the NC word, only with Xenu at the top?
    I bet they said you were overcompensating.

  2. teigan

    I’m all about the extremes, me. Apparently.
    But I’m basically over cults, I think. At least regimented, heirarchical ones.
    Just between you and me: the best cults are stratified, self-organizing and – mysteriously – have no one in particular at the top.

  3. Grey

    Great work Teigan! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog ever since the old NC days and it doesn’t disappoint, especially when RH is involved. Then it gets nostalgic and lol funny 😛

  4. We’ve got a great couple of Scientology churches in in close proximity in London. One is just a regular church and then about 10 minutes away is the super special “Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre”.

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