Results Of My Online Scientology Personality Test

I’m not sure exactly what it all means but I can discern that the only category in which I scored a result high enough not to warrant ‘urgent attention’ was ‘aggression’. I am apparently as depressed as is humanly possible. For more detailed results I’d have to go to the Scieno mission in Azerbaijan, which I told them was the one closest to where I live.


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  1. The really fun thing is that a bunch of hot shot psych professors from England went in and completed the tests. Whilst doing it they asked the poor brain washed ones what all the big words meant and expertly established what we all already knew- the test is a total load of crap and makes no scientific sense. Even the goons giving it out can’t make head nor tail of it.
    This other ex-scientologist who was losing faith in the faith and used to be in charge of handing out said tests tried several times to complete the tests flawlessly. He answered all the questions ‘correctly’ and in a way that should have given him no character faults. Try as he might he could never enter in the perfect combination because the test results are always squewed to give you a major failing in your character incdicitve of that evil evil alien who landed on Earth 3 trillion years ago and has been making a home of you.

  2. How did I know that Jo was going to throw her 2c in on this issue… 😛

  3. I think that was more than 2c worth.
    But all of this is besides the point, which is: do you think Katie Holmes is just a sucker, or will she genuinely be able to resist Miscovidge & co’s awesome-a OT brainwashing powers and milk the Cruisemeister for substantive career advancement?
    Or is it, you know, true love?
    Excuse me, the dog has thrown up again.

  4. So, I guess the real question here is whether or not you scored low enough to meet the all-powerful Cruise and the almighty Travolta…

  5. No, I don’t think my level of need for attention is quite that urgent. Maybe if I was an upwardly mobile mid-level Hollywood slatter- er, starlet with a devoted teen following and ambitions to become the next Nicole Kidman. Alas I am but a lowly freelance disumbrationist with, crucially, sod all money and a digestively troubled dog.

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