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Things To Be Thankful For (Five)

Bitches who know how to treat their slaves right.

In a way being thankful isn't liable for nothing, because it implies a debt. But some people take being liable for nothing to a whole other level - and one can only be grateful.

One such ultrastar of an individual graced Chez Hagakure’s now-vacant second bedroom last weekend whilst on an all-too-brief-and-rare visit to Teh Melbourne.

This chick knows I would happily eat her shit on demand. But she never, ever abuses the knowledge. She brings me nothing but incredible awesomeness, invariably exactly when and where I need it. And she has never cost me a damn thing, by my reckoning.

It was, as always, a total & unmitigated pleasure to accommodate her.

I don't entirely understand how that works, but somehow it seems to. Which is.. well, 'nice' is hardly the word.

Or maybe it is. Who knows. Who cares. :)


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Things To Be Thankful For (One)


Toots gave me one of these the other day as a sort of post-birthday present, beautifully wrapped in a lovely box with two boxes of tea.

It’s one of those things I’ve wanted for ages and ages but somehow never quite gotten around to acquiring.

Doing tea properly, man.

Thanks, sis.

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