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This Evening, Amongst Other Things, I Smashed Up My Set Top Box

Smashed up set top box 1

“It was busted anyway.” – Trust, 1990

Smashed up set top box 2


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I Don’t Really Know What I Can Add To That

I’ve accumulated a quite a lot of audio and pictures captured in the throes of various drunken nights out over the last few weeks, but I’m a bit over it.

I could do some audio with my new housemate, who moved in last weekend. He’s good. He is tolerating my currently somewhat discombobulated state with good grace, and I like him in general.

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Yes, We're Open

(Link; link.)


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Sunday Afternoon

Feet on the porch at CH, Sunday afternoon


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No One’s There, Victoria

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Shed Party / Coburg’s

Shed party


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