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More Tree Branches

This was also taken on the roof.

Roof branches

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Watching The Lunar Eclipse

on the roof with Freakley.

Watching the lunar eclipise on the roof with Freakley

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Happy Monday

Hooray for being alive. No, seriously.

Here are some pictures of tree branches:

Branches night

Branches day


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Party III (Housecooling)

See previous.

Russian cocaine aftermath

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Note To Self: Please Stop Being Incredibly Fucking Stupid

Also, please stop kicking yourself in the face.

Kthnx! That is all.


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A Drawing Of A Lizard Riding A BMX On A Rainbow Of Skulls & Microkorgs (feat. A Starfish Seahorse)

As requested.

A Lizard Riding A BMX On A Rainbow Of Skulls & Microkorgs feat. A Seahorse


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Picture Of Blouse Referred To In Previous Post

As requested.


I prefer to think of it as a shirt with buttons on the wrong side. I bought it in St Kilda for $7 in 2004. As you can see, it’s black corduroy and has pictures of flowers on it.

CU blouse fabric

I go through phases of wearing it all the time, and phases of never wearing it coz it’s a blouse and I am a boy.

Here’s an old picture of me wearing it in November 2006 whilst preparing shots of Russian Cocaine:

Russian cocaine 1

It’s a nice shirt with buttons on the wrong side; I like it.

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Sat Waiting For The Tram On Brunny Street This Afternoon

A man in a panda suit and sunglasses came up to me. He asked if I minded sitting next to a panda. I said “no, not at all”. He sat down.

I asked him if he’d always been a panda. “Yeah, pretty much.” He seemed kind of irritated by the question, and uninterested in further exchange. So I didn’t ask if I could take his picture, although I wanted to.

He probably gets sick of being treated like a freakshow.

It was good. Sitting next to him made me feel less self-conscious about wearing a shirt that’s technically a blouse, which I was (and still am).


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The Coffee & Cigarette I Had At Atomica Yesterday Morning

Contemplates future, etc


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Okay, That Last Post Was Really Crap

I just started writing a new one about pending bathroom renovations but that was even crapper, so I threw it away.

I’m still getting back in the saddle. Y’know.

Further requests are invited.


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Possibly The Roast I Cooked On Saturday Night

In between taking pictures of lid arrangements and doodles.




They’re nice when it’s cold.

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Maybe Some Doodles

That I drew at work.

Ivan doodle

I like to doodle whilst I work.

Dean doodle

I got in trouble the other day for doodling when I should have been conducting legitimate social research.

John doodle

My supervisor had to remind me that I get paid $20 an hour to call random phone numbers and then talk their owners into answering ridiculous questionnaires – not to doodle.

Little man doodle

I’d completely forgotten, so engrossed was I by my doodle.

Greg Turner Peter Boot doodle

Doodle 2


Feathered doodle


Swirly doodle


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Perhaps Three Lids Arranged In A Nice Way

As requested by Adam.


More lids

Even more lids

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Or Flowers

Flowers are nicer.

Yellow petals

Yellow flowers


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Yeah, It’d Be Good To Start Blogging Again

Don’t really know what to blog about, is all.

Maybe I’ll just post pictures of cigarette butts.

More cigarette butts


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