It went off.



Wrong shirt
~ tried to persuade me to wear this shirt of his, but it was the wrong shirt

Discombobulatorary mobile
He also prepared a special discombobulatory mobile for the back garden

American Guy
The first of my guests to arrive was none other than former operative American Guy. Sadly he didn’t stay very long, but it was nice to see him again

Semi, T & ~
Semi’s bitch good friend T (pictured, centre), a brilliant and profoundly disturbed young man, spent the first two hours or so of his tenure focussed with laser-like intensity on the task of building us a better stereo from found objects, including my dodgy $60 DVD player

Improvised stereo

Russian cocaine
He then proceeded to introduce the company to the seductive pleasures of Russian Cocaine (shot of vodka–> lemon wedge with white sugar on one side and ground – nb not instant – coffee on the other. Try it, you will like it)

Jo's skirt
Queen Jo was very proud of her skirt, and rightly so. Disappointed I didn’t get any better pictures of it

Red Bull concentrate

Red Bull concentrate shot CU
One bottle of the red bull concentrate was consumed between several individuals, albiet not under experimentally pure conditions

In other news, Desci was good enough to bring her last packet of NO bulbs. To my astonishment, neither she nor Semi had ever even heard of doing them from balloons. And to my dismay, I didn’t have any. They were still great though. Nitrous Oxide, children.

Aftermath 1


Aftermath 2

Curry on Brunny
After cleaning up a bit on Sunday, we went out for breakfast. But completely outrageously, there apparently isn’t anywhere on Brunswick Street that does breakfast after 6pm. Huge gap in the market. We had to settle for curry


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20 Responses to Party

  1. so awfully sad to have missed this,
    count me in for any future parties,
    no excuse.
    Prudence does a mean Russian Cocaine,
    its usually the point in the night when everything changes.

  2. ~

    you were missed saint tript.
    Also, meaow!

  3. teigan

    >so awfully sad to have missed this,
    Don’t blame yourself. It was all the J-bean’s fault. She told me so.
    I’m wary of going to Prudence too much, because I still find it inherently mind-altering thanks to a certain memorable night in April last year. I’d hate to spoil the effect via over-exposure.
    But one must move on eventually – especially if there’s Russian Cocaine involved. And it’s a fucken nice little bar.
    >count me in for any future parties,
    Consider yourself counted. And if you pike again, we will kill you.
    (Just kidding! We would never do anything like that.)

  4. The beers are having a bath!!
    How sweet.

  5. teigan

    What can I say, I’m a lovely guy

  6. …who serves lovely sushi. really fucking good sushi, actually. 🙂
    Btw- Thali for breakfast=brilliant.

  7. j

    wrong or not, that’s a pretty sweet shirt.

  8. teigan

    >…who serves lovely sushi. really fucking good
    >sushi, actually. 🙂
    Glad you got some of that; it didn’t last very long. ~ ended up pretty much making it all. I can’t take any credit, except for boiling the rice and cracking the whip.
    J – he subsequently produced a second, identical shirt that was one size too small for him (but just right pour moi) and gave it to me! I tell you, the man is a fountain of goodness. Once I get my cloning procedure down I’ll ship you a copy; I’m sure you’d find many uses for your own personal Jaye de Koan

  9. ~

    she can have the genuine article if she wants… did i mention im housetrained?

  10. teigan

    Nooo! She can’t have you!
    [aside, to J] Stay away from my ~, bitch etc

  11. ~

    you still havent bought me a collar… so i figure im a free agent.

  12. teigan

    deep down you’re jealous coz the non-acquired cat has a collar and you don’t
    if you run away with lady j i will kill you both in a bitter vengeful drunken rampage
    then you’ll be sorry

  13. teigan

    you will all be sorry
    i will make you all wish you had never been BORN

  14. ~


  15. teigan


  16. bentombed

    sorry i missed this, family, funerals…
    do it again so i can come along

  17. teigan

    End of November/start of December
    Be there or be triangular

  18. j

    if you run away with lady j i will kill you both in a bitter vengeful drunken rampage
    Clearly then, the solution is that I move in and we share ~.
    I suspect that means I get the couch.
    (A hammock in the garden? That would be nice…)

  19. teigan

    You may sleep in my bed if you wish

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