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(Commonground, if you were wondering, is this place.

I’m thinking about moving there.

They’re having a festival next weekend. You should totally come.)

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Wikileaks US Consulate Sit-In III

Friday, 26th October.

(Previously; previouslyer.)

It’s always about upping the ante – but due to unforseen circumstances, this one wound up being an unexpectedly massive clusterfuck.

WACA press release. Herald Sun coverage.

Bedlam’s vid of the main action:

Compilation of videos I shot in the Consulate lobby (my phone ran out of space just before we got dragged out):

FB post alluding to what happened after that:

And to close with some comic relief, here’s a video of Brother Lutz getting threatened with arrest out the front of the building for being an enemy of the state dropping a cigarette butt:

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Birthday Party

Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th September.

It was more chaotic than usual – and, for me, marred by some sadness due to the absence of Certain Individuals (but what else is new I guess, lol/sigh).

In any case and all the same, the required standard was met. Which is to say: went off.

Thanks everyone 🙂

Birthday uke

Pasteup of assorted party-relevant FB posts (heh); FB photo album.

(Previously; previously; previously; previously.)

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Last Day Of OM’s Fed Court Hearing On International Liable For Nothing Day

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F#$book Is In, Apparently

One of the main reasons my blog is so dead these days is that all the action it might once have seen is now occurring on my two Facebook accounts.

FB – rapacious motherfucker that it is – has eaten my blog.

I’m not particularly happy about this, but so it goes. Can’t force shit.

Here is the news:

I am doing alright; better even. I’ve become a bit decadent over the semester break but that’s okay. I need a new job, and I’ve all but decided to defer school for the rest of the year to focus on making some money and generally sloughing off the final vestiges of My Worst Depression Since 2005 ™ – which is, pleasingly, drawing to a close fucking FINALLY.

Bring on spring.

I had another bustup with Lady J the week before last, which has made me a bit sad. But I’ll get over it. And in thematically related news, I’m still estranged from my former associate the artist sometimes known as Schnozzie, which also continues to cause me grief.

Being severely alienated from people you love a lot and have epic history with really sucks.

What else? My sister moved house last weekend, which was a major operation and marked the end of an era. Her new place is massive – she now has her own studio, which I am very envious of – and her new housemates are lovely. Yay Toots’s new house.

Finally: I’m having a birthday party on September 24th. It’s going to go OFF. You should totally come.

Generally speaking we’re on the up, at long last.

That is all for now!!!


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Painted profile pics 1

Painted profile pics 2

Painted profile pics 3

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End Of Week One

More pictures, but I can’t be fucked choosing a particular one to post; they’re on flickr.

Here’s a status update I made about what I did after working a 7-hour shift on Saturday:

Here’s some audio which reflects my mental state this afternoon:

It’ll get easier.

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Canberra Redux (One)

So yeah – Toots & I went to Canberra the weekend before last.

We grew up there. I left in 2004, and haven’t been back since 2005 (previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously).

I Facebooked the whole trip from beginning to end in status updates and pictures from my phone. Which gave me a thrill. Fuck you if you can’t understand.

(No seriously – fuck you, dear reader. Fuck you to hell. I hope your face is revoltingly disfigured by a horrible flesh eating virus. I really mean that.)

The ‘Tendo suggested I post the whole mini-feed saga in all its glory here. But even I have my limits.

Here’s some pictures and audio, though. Hover for captions etc.


Teigan is turning on flight mode. 2:16pm / Teigan is turning off flight mode. 3:26pm

Teigan is at Gus's. This is quite weird. 5:05pm

Teigan is watching Toots shop for wedding clothes, etc. 5:30pm

Teigan is watching Toots shop for wedding clothes, etc. 5:30pm

Teigan is loitering in Civic bus interchange. 5:55pm

Teigan is at the Phoenix, not smoking because of course you can't anymore. 6:02pm

Teigan is at the Phoenix, not smoking because of course you can't anymore. 6:02pm

Teigan is figuring out how to get to there using Google Maps. 8:26pm

Teigan is going there. 8:37pm

Teigan has totally been FB-stalked to his physical location by R*b*rt G*th & W*nst*n O*k*s, of all the people. 11:23pm

Teigan is back at the Phoenix. 11:48pm

Teigan is feeling very haunted & illusion-of-time-y. 12:13am

Teigan is at Kingos eating chips & gravy from Chicken Gourmet. 1:04am

(To be continued.)

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It’s All Over

So long, the so-called Real World. It was nice knowing you. In some aspects.

ION: O. M. F. G. Why was I not told about this?! (That’s what I get for not reading the news, I guess.)


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Chez Hagakure Vodka, Juice & Soda Water Low-Key Dinner Party

With AG.

My Dinner With AG


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My Housewarming = Tonight

It is going to go OFF.

Here is a picture that this chick posted on my wall, which I like very much:

As you can see, it depicts a longhaired cat sitting atop a moog or some such against a background of stars and bares the motto: “Astro Cat will play for you the Symphony of Space.”

Like William Carlos Williams’ red wheelbarrow, it is what it is.

No more, and no less.


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No Posts This Week

No camera = no pictures + very low commentage levels = just got nothin’. Sorry.

It’s all about F***book right now, anyways. If you want me, friend me on FB. If you want to know my FB name, write me.

I am well, and having a lovely time.

More TK when the moment is propitious. Please stay tuna etc.


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