No Posts This Week

No camera = no pictures + very low commentage levels = just got nothin’. Sorry.

It’s all about F***book right now, anyways. If you want me, friend me on FB. If you want to know my FB name, write me.

I am well, and having a lovely time.

More TK when the moment is propitious. Please stay tuna etc.


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5 Responses to No Posts This Week

  1. Liv

    Oh wah wah! “Read my bloooooog! Make commmmments! I need some looooovin’.”
    Yet you got nothin’!
    NOW how will I fill in my days?

  2. teigan

    I got nothin’ coz there’s no lovin’! This is why the blog was crying in pain, see. In other news: quit yer whining.

  3. teigan

    Although that’s a nice thing to say.
    (I have lots of archives. I bet you haven’t read them *all*.)

  4. wortwut

    I have read them all.
    Also, I watched Withnail and I the same day as you, somewhere else.
    Like woah dude.

  5. teigan

    But! Did you watch it in a Botanical Garden with bats, a picnic, and people getting stoned en masse during the Camberwell carrot scene?

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