Liable For NOTHING

Okay – the liability for mess thing? This thing? Totally figured it out. Mess can be made liability neutral. Gab and I are cleaning up mess right now and WE. ARE. HAVING. A. BLAST. We seriously are.

We will be slightly sad when the mess is gone, because there will be no more mess to not be liable for, and shit. But that’s okay; we’ll find something else to do.

Liable for nothing.


*eye contact* etc


*very long pause*



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10 Responses to Liable For NOTHING

  1. ~

    meow, miaow
    fucked up month 4 u but theres always russians.
    may death come swiftly to youre enemies

  2. teigan

    Fucked up in all senses; some bad, some awesome.
    Liable for nothing. I have no enemies.

  3. Liv

    But do you have enemas? Or anemones?

  4. Gab

    So I have finally got round to reading this infamous blog. I’d completely forgot about the cleaning frenzy that night – what fun! To be had again, but in private and in a park of some sort 🙂

  5. teigan

    Liv: I might have anemones. Probably not, though. And if so, I am certainly not liable for *them*.
    Gab: Cleaning a park instead of the house after a party would certainly be taking it to the next level. But a whole park is too big to clean really; we might have to find something else to do

  6. teigan

    Why ‘ew’?

  7. teigan

    You’re a troublemaker, Goodall. I’ve got my eye on you.

  8. Liv

    “we might have to find something else to do.”
    You can haz sexes?

  9. teigan

    Ew! Sexes!
    You’ve got a filthy mind, you craven whore.

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