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Occupy Friday #19

Occupy Friday RIP.

OccFri #19: Chloe subliminally conditioning me to play Mario

OccFri #19: The Age Of Oil Is Finishing

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Tommy’s Wake @ The Bendigo

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OM General Assembly #39

Barack Obama has killed more children with drones than all other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined

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Interview With The Corporate Zombies


Zombies At Flinders

(FB photo album / photo archive.)

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There’s nothing like hearing that a long-lost but much loved friend has died to put things in perspective.

At times like this I always fantasize about an impossible party; absolutely everyone who’s ever been special or important to me throughout my life hanging out and being awesome together, with no consequences or liability.

I have much more out-there – and much less self-centred – visions of heaven, but I’d settle for that.


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B. C. E.


Can’t complain.

Although, y’know, in some ways it was almost too easy.



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There Is A Dead Cat In The Gutter Outside My House

I really wanted to take a picture and post it, but my camera has mysteriously died also.

So it goes.

Update (Tuesday) – Cruddy phone-camera pic:

Dead cat


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RIP Feustus II



RIP Feustus II

I fed him moderately every day and changed his water every week.


Whatever the goldfish equivalent of green thumbs are, I guess I just don’t got ’em.

Nada the kitten is doing well though.


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Announcement: The Purple Turtle Is Closing Down On Saturday

Equals no more dollar pot Tuesdays. This is sad. But all things must pass, I suppose. He sighed philosophically, etc.

The chef was giving everyone Turtle stamps last night as a kind of farewell gesture. If you go in before Saturday you might be able to get one too.


By this device, friends of the Purple Turtle may recognise each other in their time of grief. Until the ink fades, at which point there will be no Purple Turtle to be a friend of anymore.

So it goes.

In other news, I started Uni this week. It’s going good so far.

More Announcements pending.


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Home Again

On the upside (of being delayed by 24 hours) I got to send my postcards personally, and to spend all night loitering in central London. There was no downside really.

In other news: Vale RAW. May the fnord etc.


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What I Got For My Birthday

A can of whoop-ass Hagakure style yo Easy Surface Prep

Easy Surface Prep

A Discombobulator of my very own


Two bottles of apparently non-lethal Red Bull concentrate

Red Bull concentrate bottles

Two bottles of Arrogant Frog sauvignon blanc

Arrogant Frog sauvignon blanc bottles

Two delicious, beautifully wrapped and generally special cupcakes (not shown)

What remains of the cupcakes

Colourful and appealing multimedia art products

Multimedia art

A hefty biography of John Fowles, bafflingly enough

A Life In Two Worlds

A black 30 gigabyte iPod, which was nice

iPod & Billie

A Brave New World mug

Brave New World mug

Cards & chocolate

Cards Chocolate

Amongst other things.

Thanks everyone. It was great!


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Continuing the theme.

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages.

Virginal left foot

Wielding brush

Application (1)

Application (2)

Left foot drying

Further Drying


In action


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Cactus VII

Cactus ingested

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The End

If you’ve been paying attention, you will already have learned that I committed Seppuku yesterday on instructions from the Hagakure senior executive.

I’m still lingering on this plane for the moment (choking on a frisbee takes longer than you might imagine – which is handy, coz I still have a bit of email to clear) but Teigan is officially dead and hence so is this blog.

Thanks for reading!

As a special reward for your (yes, your) loyal service, I’ve decided to create a mailing list so I can keep an eye on in touch with my legion of adoring fans. If you’d like to be informed of future projects emanating from the Teiganosphere it’s your lucky day.

I die secure in the knowledge that I have served my masters honorably.

My love and very best wishes to you all.

Good night.


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Sammy the Dog

(nee Ryfrost Silver Dollar)

6 May 1992 – 4 April 2006

~ much loved ~

Sam B&W 2003






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