The End

If you’ve been paying attention, you will already have learned that I committed Seppuku yesterday on instructions from the Hagakure senior executive.

I’m still lingering on this plane for the moment (choking on a frisbee takes longer than you might imagine – which is handy, coz I still have a bit of email to clear) but Teigan is officially dead and hence so is this blog.

Thanks for reading!

As a special reward for your (yes, your) loyal service, I’ve decided to create a mailing list so I can keep an eye on in touch with my legion of adoring fans. If you’d like to be informed of future projects emanating from the Teiganosphere it’s your lucky day.

I die secure in the knowledge that I have served my masters honorably.

My love and very best wishes to you all.

Good night.


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4 Responses to The End

  1. j

    *stands in empty field*
    *wind whistles through willows*
    *girl’s tears*

  2. Li

    *stands in line at the Teiganosphere*
    *makes it to ticket window*
    “One adult please.”

  3. Yes, add me to the list, my dear corpse.

  4. A G

    May you have a joyous afterlife.
    Should you find a way to commune with the living, please invite me to the seance.

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