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The End.

This blog was born ten years ago today.

After seven years of very consistent upkeep, in which time it documented and shaped innumerable adventures and ups and downs, in early 2012 it began to fall dormant.

There were several factors at play in this, not least that I just had too much else going on at the time to keep it properly updated. But between one thing and another, it seemed to be dying.

Given its longevity and the significance of the the role it had played in my life, just leaving it to wither away from neglect seemed unacceptable though.

Accordingly I vowed to update it retrospectively at least up until the end of 2012, aka the long-anticipated supposed end of the world.

2012 wasn’t the end of the world as it turned out. (Who knew.) But it was huge, and quite apart from a commitment to the blog as a project, I felt like I needed to do this – to sort through and assimilate all of the media I’d generated that year and make it into posts – as a means of catharsis. Operation Kill The Blog / Get Over 2012.

It’s been very difficult, and taken an extremely long time. But having now at long, long last completed that epically and increasingly all-consumingly procrastinated task, I hereby declare TF to be Done.

*flops exhaustedly*

Vale Blog.

You’ve been hugely important to me throughout an extraordinary ten-year cycle, which now seems to be over.

I can’t even begin to find the words right now. And I’m not sure what comes next.

But I expect we’ll find out.



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Greetings From Tallarook

So I didn’t get the backlog killed before I left. Not even close. But hey, I’ve made ground! (*eyeroll*)

And now I’m out here, I realise the whole thing probably doesn’t matter as much as I thought it did. There are, I guess, conceivably worse things than confronting the mythical apocalypse with a chaotic media archive and a delinquent blog.

First view of CG Fest proper

CG Fest was good, although I spent most of it sloughing off accumulated stress and sleep deprivation.

Ox Montalvo + The Truck + contraband gas stove

Maybe it’s just the delirium, but I’m quite unreasonably thrilled by the fact that my home for the next week and a half is this hut, whose previous occupant over the weekend was none other than Ella Hooper:

My hut at Commonground

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(Commonground, if you were wondering, is this place.

I’m thinking about moving there.

They’re having a festival next weekend. You should totally come.)

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Blog, You’re Fucking Torturing Me

This #$% backlog is proving so. fucking. hard. to make myself clear.

Hate. #AvoidanceDeadlockHell #RidiculousSelfCreatedProblems

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Obligatory Spring-Has-Sprung Post


Here is a video of Ben & Sara dancing in the dining room at Chez Hag yesterday afternoon:

The first two weeks of Project Regenerate And Get Shit Sorted have been unfortunately somewhat beset by problems and/or setbacks.

But! we seem to be finally getting into the swing of it now.

Look, I’ve even started killing the epic blog-backlog!

Life is getting springyish.

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For the first time in its seven-year history, Teh Fields has fallen seriously dormant.

At time of writing, I haven’t posted here in nearly six months.

This certainly hasn’t occurred due to an absence of stuff to blog about. Indeed the exact opposite.

I feel very torn about whether TF still has legs these days. But it’s been so important to me in the past – and for such a long time – that it’s extremely hard to just give up and declare it dead. And pretty much impossible to abandon it to a slow lingering death of neglect, rather than putting some kind of at least semi-decisive fullstop on it.

Anyway. How am I? Okay. Feeling slightly weary and wartorn between one thing and another, and very ready for winter to be over. But it nearly is. \o/!

I’m okay.

I plan to spend the time between now and my birthday on September 14th hibernating regeneratively and getting my house in order – which includes undertaking the epic, long-procrastinated and hopefully cathartic task of updating TF retrospectively with documentation of some of my zany 2012 adventures.

Depending on the extent to which this latter task seems rewarding and worthwhile or more like taking a reluctant zombie for a walk, we’ll see what happens.


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Amanda Palmer At The Northcote Social

Monday, 12th March.

Co-starring the artist formerly known as Desci.

Desci kissed my uke

Blogpost by Palmer re this gig.

Two videos I shot fannishly of Palmer & the GTO climactically covering Bela Lugosi’s Dead with David J of Bauhaus guesting on bass.


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Stuff I Did This Year

In a nutshell: systematically climbed the fuck out of hell. Again. (See previously: 2005; 2007; 2009.)

And it’s good! Can’t complain.


“Friends – you know who you are; you know we’re grateful.” – Blur, 1993. (Seriously. If ever a year was about Who Your Real Friends Are, it was 2011.)

Similarly, those who have fucked me up and fucked me over this year most likely know who they are also, and possibly how I feel about this (hint: angry, bewildered and sad) – with the possible exception of the Rt Hon Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle (note contact details), who I strongly suspect does not have any idea who I am.

(I also doubt he reads this blog. But since it just can’t be said often enough I might as well take this opportunity to (re)state, for the record: Robert Doyle, you’re a fucking cunt. You really are.)

The bulk of this year’s SIDTY post I rendered in audio format at the coast a few nights ago. It goes into a bit more detail (although, to be honest, not all that much). Enjoy:

You can see the pony...

... can't you?

Vale 2011. Viva 2012.

Happy new year!


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Hand-made Thing From Luke Hand


Handmade thing from Luke Hand (graph)

Click for larger.

Handmade thing from Luke Hand (rules)

He blogged about it, also.

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4/20 Rally

4/20 rally

4/20 spliff

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Handmade Thing For Carfax

Posted about a month ago; apparently received. (Previously.)

Handmade thing for Carfax (detail)

In other news: Visual Diary blog. Heavily updated Art I Like blog.

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Weird Afternoon

In a good way.

Thursday grass

It’s getting easier.

Although I’m at a bit of a loss, blogwise. Any requests?

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Happy Sixth Birthday, Blog

A year ago (good blog birthday)! Two years ago (shit blog birthday)! Three years ago (good blog birthday)! Four years ago (discombobulated blog birthday)! Five years ago (discombobulated blog birthday)! Six years ago.

Time, eh.

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I Decided To Go Back To School

On a see-how-it-goes basis. First day yesterday; went okay. (Previously.)

I have to keep a visual diary, course. Which has kind of been freaking me out. Although that’s stupid, coz what is this blog right here except a multimedia visual diary, kinda?

I’ve just retroactively added text to this post from a few weeks ago, which I initially discarded in favour of just using the photo, since I tend to write overshary, self-obsessy crap on the blog when I’m down that just embarrasses me later and isn’t helpful in the immediate, neither.

But we have to Document Shit. It’s the only solution.

Blogging’s good.

“I heart my blog. It’s surprised and delighted me in all kinds of ways and continues to do so. It has a degree of inherent continuity and structures naturally emerge, but it’s basically unhindered by any context restrictions except those inherent in the medium, which can incorporate text, images, audio, video, etc etc etc.

It helps me see life as stories, and as an ongoing story. And it provides a means of turning the things I experience and think about into multimedia artefacts that other people can consume and respond to, with a very fast turnaround time. It’s simple, but it works.

More profoundly, it enables me to observe and actively direct themes & patterns in my own preoccupations, and it’s taught me a lot about shaping one’s own experience using symbols & narratives – about the intersection between creativity and life; between what you focus on and what ‘happens’ – about tapping into your own unconscious processes.”

– portfolio statement, late 2007 (adapted from email to Em).

La bla blah. It’s true though.

That said, I think I’ll mostly just post pictures for a while. Or maybe not.

We’ll see what happens.

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