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Friday 2nd July.

This was just an ordinary bowl of broken VCR/DVD player parts, but then Sims poured a bottle of salad dressing over it for no reason and set it on fire. ALCHEMY

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Interlude: Massacre.


I regret burning W******. And I wish I could have been a better friend to Gab.

But what I feel really terrible about is taking J out for what should – by all rights – have been a night of awesomeness, and then exposing her to all that horror. Last fucking thing on earth that she needed.


Oh well.

ION: Still need a B#6.


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Don’t Come To Our Party

Your loss, bitches.

Balloons & bulbs

Me: Hello. Do you have any of those compressed gas bulbs you use to make whipped cream?

Customer Service Technician In Large Sydney Road Catering Supplies Outlet [beaming in bland, vacant customer-servicery way]: Yes; yes, we do. One of our most popular consumables. Right over there. [indicates stock stand groaning under the weight of vast supplies of nitrous oxide bulbs]

~: Tell me, do you get a high volume of well dodgy-looking tweakers like us, who probably aren’t actually employed in the catering industry at all, coming in and stocking up on massive quantities of these?

Customer Service Technician [absolutely without missing a beat]: Yes; yes, we do.

(And to that small handful of priveliged people who are coming tonight – see you soon; looking forward to it.)


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Holy Crap You’re A Cunt, Hely

Some day I will take enormous pleasure in watching you genuinely suffer, you worthless irredeemable piece of shit.

From: Stephen Cronin
Date: 15 October 2006 2:42:16 PM
To: Teigan
Subject: Re: how the hell do you write so well


I was eventually going to come out to you with the truth anyway. Who was I to deny the Great Robert Henley as such a lonely Operative. And when he offered me something that CH (you) couldn’t.. I took it.

Here is the official list of people that screwed you over (including myself.)

Robin Hely – gave orders and orchestrated everything
Midnight – played a dual identity role with you to screw you over, purposely tried to tick you off (by poor handling of admissions, etc.) in order to try and get you to quit.. RH’s idea actually lol)
Chris Titan – used Herbert Finch in an attempt to break you down
Steve Cronin – fed info to RH through convos with you & CH (you)
Adren – Called your Sister under orders of RH (That’s really all he did and was never really involved with any of the plotting. Adren was probably the most innocent one out of all of us.)

I don’t know why I just got into this.. I never planned to write about this when i started this e-mail.


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Alone Again

For the moment, anyway.

Bastendo's vacated 'room'

And you know what? That’s the way I like it. Baby.

Don’t get me wrong, people. I love yiz. I do. You remind me so much of me, in so many ways.

And some of you are really cool.

Bentendo's vacated room

But let’s face it.

You’re way over-rated.


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