Don’t Come To Our Party

Your loss, bitches.

Balloons & bulbs

Me: Hello. Do you have any of those compressed gas bulbs you use to make whipped cream?

Customer Service Technician In Large Sydney Road Catering Supplies Outlet [beaming in bland, vacant customer-servicery way]: Yes; yes, we do. One of our most popular consumables. Right over there. [indicates stock stand groaning under the weight of vast supplies of nitrous oxide bulbs]

~: Tell me, do you get a high volume of well dodgy-looking tweakers like us, who probably aren’t actually employed in the catering industry at all, coming in and stocking up on massive quantities of these?

Customer Service Technician [absolutely without missing a beat]: Yes; yes, we do.

(And to that small handful of priveliged people who are coming tonight – see you soon; looking forward to it.)


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9 Responses to Don’t Come To Our Party

  1. Li

    Should I bring my trusty autosyphon nitrous oxide bulb dispenser?
    *dusts off trusty autosyphon nitrous oxide bulb dispenser*

  2. teigan

    I have my own, of course. But why not? The more the merrier.

  3. Balloons are nice. The ones with the smiley faces are even better, unless you’ve artistic talent and draw on your own cool faces.
    I better see some faces on them balloons. At least one, incase you haven’t any to spare…
    I also suggest that you make a cardboard cutout Nada and include it in the party. Wouldn’t that be fun? The more the merrier, you know?

  4. teigan

    >I also suggest that you make a cardboard cutout Nada and
    >include it in the party.
    Adamish – another invitee who, like yourself, has shamefully piked on us – just this minute asked me to make a poster saying “have a happy party. From Hamish”.
    All this extra prep work just coz you caahnts are too lazy to make the treck to Australia.
    People, hmph.
    I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Think of it as extra fun prep work. 🙂
    My mum actually wants me to go to college in Aussie. When I’m in college, then maybe you can stop worrying about extra fun prep work, but for now…
    For now, see what you can do.

  6. Why would you though, it’s FUN!

  7. Hey Nada, that sounds like fun.

  8. I could do with a good party… Shame I’m on the other side of the world.

  9. Cheers, for the invite, great night. I really needed the company and the relaxation =)

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