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Things To Be Thankful For (Four)

Both of these things have been mentioned before. But I’m going to mention them again. Why the hell not.


OMFG etc.

I have been waiting for this device since my teens. And now I have it. I’m posting from it now, natch.

It’s not without its imperfections (shit camera; no Bluetooth; and, most heinously, the basic text editing function has no cut and paste, WTF; etc) but it seems churlish to complain about them.

I’m still adapting to it, but it’s already changing my life significantly for the more flexible and generally better.

(Going to Canberra next weekend & really, seriously need to be emailable at any time – with full access to your archives, FTP and the web – throughout the entire period? Hey, leave your cumbersome, valuable computer at home! Wander wither you will! Life is good.)

It’s almost everything it should be, and it makes me incredibly happy.

The arrival of Spring.

Feckin’ YAY!!



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I Can’t Believe

That I just wasted almost the entire afternoon installing Linux on my iPod and troubleshooting it.

What I can believe even less is that it almost feels as though it was worth the effort.

I’d include a picture, but ~ has hijacked my camera.

Actually, now that I have Linux on my iPod there is almost certainly some way of doing a screen capture.

But I’m fucked if I’m going to figure out what it is.


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Don’t Have Time To Check It Out Properly Right Now

But this is quite interesting.

The message [reg required] went on to explain that Lonelygirl15 was a project to harness the audience to develop and evolve a story and “usher in an era of interactive storytelling where the line between ‘fan’ and ‘star’ has been removed”.

While not everyone is convinced that the filmmakers’ confession is genuine (many believe it’s part of the developing mystery), it now seems certain that Lonelygirl15 is a fake – although who is behind the hoax and the purpose of it is still unclear.

A clue left in one of the videos suggests it may be another month before we find out.

In a video posted a week ago titled Bree The Cookie Monster, Bree and Daniel rate batches of cookies they said they baked.

Bree’s purple monkey puppet holds up score cards. The first one gets “10”, the second “12” and the third one “06”. Why “06” and not “6”?

Viewers point out that the sequence makes a date: 10/12/06 – or October 12, 2006, using the US method of writing dates. October 12 also happens to be the birth date of the late occultist Aleister Crowley, whose picture can be seen on a wall in Bree’s room.

News of the hoax, however, does appear to have dented Lonelygirl15’s popularity.”


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Charlie Says

We have domain!

Do we have domain mapping? Well, no.

But who cares?


So happy right now. (And I’m not on even on drugs. For once.)

UPDATE – But I’m about to be. Braincells? Who needs ’em etc

Nitrous sucking apparatus


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Mobile Quandry

So, my old phone is definitely lost.

I need to get another as a matter of priority.

Having conducted a whirlwind survey of the market I’ve narrowed it down to two options. But now, just for a fucking change, I’m paralysed by indecision.

First, there’s the Nokia 6610i. This is the sensible option.

– Within my price range
– Familiar, since it is just my old phone with a camera in it

– It’s just my old phone with a camera in it; get real

Then there’s the 6101.

– Is desperately sexy and I want it so bad
– MP3 ringtones
– Have basically already decided on a level deeper than I can entirely control that it will be mine

– Strong & convincing case can be made that, at A$400, it’s about twice as expensive as I can reasonably afford
– Advertising tends to suggest it’s really a girl’s phone

I am at an impasse.

Maybe I could sign a contract and do a deferred payment deal-thing. I wonder if I’d qualify. Probably not. I have a clear credit history but only fairly casual employment.

Somebody tell me what to do.

UPDATE – I just talked to Virgin Mobile (incidentally, what do we think about their bizarre ‘please stop pranking Jason Donovan on the following number’ campaign? Lame, or quite funny & clever? Once again.. I just can’t decide. In any case it seems to have worked on me) and they told me I could indeed have a 6101 with more than enough included credit for a paltry $25 a month over two years.. YAY! BUT they’re out of stock till mid-November. Arrgh!


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Phone Companies Must Be Shitting Themselves

I just installed Skype and used it to have a lovely chat with Li. It worked great even though I only have a dialup. I’ve never been much of a one for IM-type things, but this is way cool and I will be leaving it up whenever I am online from now on, which is often.

My Skype handle is teigan84; giz a call sometime. Seriously, it’s so easy.

Old fashioned payphone


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WO0T! Camera!

Sister decided her camera that I had been using up until recently was so cruddy and decrepit that she didn’t want to take it to Sweden after all, and there was much rejoicing.

I love you, camera, even if she doesn’t.

Film in fridge
My sister’s fridge is full of photographic supplies. I tried some, but they were totally disgusting. She’s probably the most normal one in our family but she’s still a real freak.

eMac in filial setting
Martin the Swede told me my eMac was yellow and smelt of cigarette smoke. I’d never noticed.

Not being able to chain smoke and have the teev on in the background whilst I’m online is proving a major lifestyle adjustment. I’m not at all sure it’s healthy.

Which reminds me: I can’t pick up ABC here. Doesn’t matter as much as it might, though, because I’ve got cable broadband. (UPDATE – Although I am kinda bummed about missing Dr. Who.. hold on a minute.. *has idea*.. yep, they’re all illicitly online. Of course. *does happy dance*) Yay, broadband. Who would ever have thought a subsidiary of Telstra could offer a service so blindingly speedy and efficient?

Apologies to those to whom I owe emails, especially Nada. You’ve given me a touch of the email performance anxiety, I think. The same dread condition once stopped me writing to Elmo for three months. But I’ll get on it sooner than that, I promise.

I’ve had a retarded dog to walk.

Sammy looking retarded by fireplace


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You are OS X. You tend to be fashionable and clever despite being a bit transparent.  Now that you've reached some stability you're expecting greater popularity.

Which Operating System Are You? (via Peluchio)


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Just Call Me Huggy Bear

Look what my childhood best friend Ben did.

When not making webpages, he is also a trained librarian and plays in punk bands, which is an interesting combination. His current band is called Draft Dodger (old site, predating his joinage – new one coming soon, so I’m told), and their album may or may not be entitled, topically, ‘Holy Shit, Batman’. And he’s a thoroughly nice bloke.

I highly recommend him for all your website, librarianship, punk rock and nice bloke needs.

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