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Stuff I Did This Year

– Lived a first full year in Melbourne, having migrated from my native Canberra in November 2004.

– Endured one month at Melbourne Uni before melting down and dropping out to become a fulltime disumbrationist, weblog administrator and Neurocam operative, amongst other things.

– Gave away approximately 1180 hours of my life to various people I don’t know and couldn’t give a shit about in exchange for money.

– Kept two blogs, totalling some 56,800 words:

  • Wrote 747,100 words of email to approximately 80 recipients.
  • Acquired my first domain name.
  • Started taking digital photos, saving 1178 (of which I uploaded 280 to Flickr. 80 of these, I discover to my disappointment, are no longer indexed – although they’re still there).
  • Qualified for my Ls and spent about 40 hours learning to drive.
  • Spent approximately 150 hours at the gym.
  • Created six semiautonomous people, of whom one remains alive, and five of whom are dead – including Henry Gagblat and the deeply unfortunate Ms. Gethsemane Nash, both of whom committed suicide (losers).
  • Had considerable dealings with the organisation known to the public as Neurocam International.
  • Read an astonishingly pitiful four books from beginning to end, and watched 46 movies (18 at the cinema and 28 on video & DVD).
  • Amongst other things.

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    Well, *shrugs*, I Got Out Of Mine


    2005: Year of the Neurocam

    The mysterious organisation known as Neurocam has been a significant force in my life this year. To what ultimate end, I’m still not entirely sure. And if I were, I sincerely doubt I’d be in any position to tell you.

    But so much has happened, and I could hardly let the year’s end pass without giving it some full circle.

    I applied to join Neurocam on the 19th of December last year, did my initial Perception Assessment on January 3rd, and became an Operative on January 14th.

    I started my original Neuroblog on the 20th of January.

    And the rest, as they say, etcetera.

    There have been tears; there has been laughter (not a little of it evil).

    Some day the whole sordid story will be told. But not today.

    Some of the reportable highlights included:

    Oh, yeah – the virtual (and not-so-virtual) menagerie of freaks unique and wonderful individuals I’ve encountered via the Neurosphere probably warrant some mention as well.

    I know I’ve been a bit aloof lately (things. have been. crazy.), but I cherish and treasure you all, you freaks. *wipes tear*

    It’s been fun. One cannot complain.


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    I’m Looking For, Like, Three Paragraphs

    Three clean, elegantly turned paragraphs, which will with effortless grace and flawless succinctity pull together the various threads of my zany year and tie them up in a perfect bow, sealed with a loving kiss to you, the dearly beloved – if, of late, tragically neglected – reader of this here, my blog.

    Have you seen them?

    I’ve seen the perfect bow. I had a vision of it last night, on Acland Street. It was so pretty.

    I thought: “That was 2005.”

    And you know, I smiled.

    But I can’t find my three paragraphs.

    Oh well.

    We commenced back in late March with lots of angsty backstory and a minor manifesto.

    It all seems quite charming to me now. I feel like a different person living in a different world these days. And it’s good.

    But insofar as I can still see where that guy was coming from, I think he would have been pretty happy with how the year came out. And so am I.

    I’ve been very frustrated and uncertain about a number of things lately, but I can see the way forward now, I believe.

    So – a happy new year to you all!

    I hope that you’re having a good one.

    I’m just kicking back in the cupboard.

    My neighbor Cameron came round with large quantities of cider. He is watching the festivities on television.

    But I am not quite finished yet.

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    Bathroom mirror


    Cleaning destroyed


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    What I Got For Christmas

    (Amongst other things.)



    Cards & chocolate

    Cards & chocolate

    Bird staff

    A bird-headed staff from Marakesh

    poinsettia poinsettia

    A poinsettia


    A Swiss Army knife (no, I don’t know either – but it might come in handy, who can say)


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    Wedding (finally)

    Welcome back. Things have been crazy.

    So, my sister’s much-anticipated wedding finally happened on Saturday the 17th. The whole family came to town. It was pretty full on. The event was roundly deemed a success.

    A substantial number of pictures were taken.


    Coffeeage in courtyard

    Hangin with the fam


    Tooling the cake

    Surveying the site

    Surveying the site

    Surveying the site

    Buying clothes

    Emergency clothes shopping

    Beers with Ben

    Beers with the visiting Bentendo at Bar With No Name (favoured haunt of Neurocam renegades Iocus Severus and Nikolay Kamchatka)





    Everyone applauded after the ceremony, which I found slighly strange but maybe that’s just me


    Lunch (as consumed on grass)

    Lunch was a picnicky affair

    Lunch (as consumed at table)

    Although some people weren’t down with that (which, y’know, is cool)

    Sammy is shy

    Sammy was quite intimidated by the whole thing initially

    Sam & baby

    Sammy excited

    But he got over it


    Despite persistent fears of rain, in the end it only spat slightly for a brief period during the speeches

    Boule rules

    Lawn games

    Lawn games were played

    Baby sis after lunch

    It was all pretty good


    Brunch invite

    Coffee at Retro

    Baby sis at brunch

    Post-nuptial brunchery at Retro on Brunswick Street

    Beers with baby sis

    Beers with baby sis. We also went and saw Good Night, & Good Luck at the Kino Dendy, because I always do everything Lady J tells me to


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    Stay Tuned…


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    In Other News: Marty & Jess Split!!

    In all the excitement I almost missed the real story of the day.


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    Every Few Years JJJ Playlists Something I Like

    I can’t stop listening to this.


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    Desks cleared

    Desks contents

    Bookshelf empty

    Bookshelf contents

    Bookshelf cleaned


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    From: Trysting Fields Central Communications
    To: Bentendo
    Date: 13 December 2005 9:50:46 PM
    Subject: Re: I have a new personal blog

    On 13/12/2005, at 5:19 PM, Bentendo wrote:

    >hows it going,

    Ah aight. I had all this cleaning I wanted to do and I’ve only done the kitchen so far. And it’s really bugging me.

    Also what will I wear to the wedding? I’ve just got nothing at all to wear. It’s really bugging me also.

    I’m okay. Destruction continues apace.

    >so i’m doing this blog thing but i’m really not sure what to do,
    >it seems really impersonal, like um i cant really explain, but
    >i’m finding very hard to write anything particularly good on the
    >tips? help?
    >i’m not after feedback or anything, just maybe something i dunno


    Having a theme helps.

    Also a bit of an audience to give you feedback.

    I’ve found the best blogs (apart from ones that started from an absolutely shit hot idea to begin with) are the ones that have evolved their own style by trial and error over time. Just keep posting shit and see what sticks, kind of thing.

    I started my old one in January entirely for the purposes of documenting my involvement in Neurocam, as was the style at the time. I just wrote about Neurocam to all the other Neurocam people. That was pretty straightforward. But eventually I got frustrated because other things kept creeping in that I wanted to write about. So eventually I started my other blog and just wrote what I wanted and was happy.

    You get into a habit of thinking “oh, that would be a good thing to put in the blog” and soon enough ideas start occurring to you all the time. Many of those ideas will probably be crap, but there you go.

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    Contents of kitchen cupboards & shelves take refuge from the cleaning devastation

    Decimated kitchen

    Freezer in profoundly enfrosted state

    Aftermath of knife attack

    Mission accomplished - note banana, signifying rebirth of fridge and kitchen generally


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    Library Punk Is Dead

    He’s post-punk now, doncha know. And he’s moving to Melbourne!!! Smart.

    More to the point, he now has a blog, which promises to develop into a prime source of quality rantage which will help keep us all amused as the twilight era of late stage western capitalism skids merrily towards its inevitable cataclysmic meltdown.

    It’s good! I would definitely check it out if I were you.

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