I’m Looking For, Like, Three Paragraphs

Three clean, elegantly turned paragraphs, which will with effortless grace and flawless succinctity pull together the various threads of my zany year and tie them up in a perfect bow, sealed with a loving kiss to you, the dearly beloved – if, of late, tragically neglected – reader of this here, my blog.

Have you seen them?

I’ve seen the perfect bow. I had a vision of it last night, on Acland Street. It was so pretty.

I thought: “That was 2005.”

And you know, I smiled.

But I can’t find my three paragraphs.

Oh well.

We commenced back in late March with lots of angsty backstory and a minor manifesto.

It all seems quite charming to me now. I feel like a different person living in a different world these days. And it’s good.

But insofar as I can still see where that guy was coming from, I think he would have been pretty happy with how the year came out. And so am I.

I’ve been very frustrated and uncertain about a number of things lately, but I can see the way forward now, I believe.

So – a happy new year to you all!

I hope that you’re having a good one.

I’m just kicking back in the cupboard.

My neighbor Cameron came round with large quantities of cider. He is watching the festivities on television.

But I am not quite finished yet.

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  1. i love this post, btw.
    it’s so … evocative.
    happy new year, teigs.

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