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Announcement: Everyone’s Too Stupid

The Mishukis‘ much-discussed debut LP Everyone’s Too Stupid is available at long last.

You can buy a copy for US$5.50 plus postage, or alternately build your own using these simple instructions.


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Announcement: It Is 4:30pm On The Last Business Day Before Census Day

Which is to say, 30 minutes from the effective deadline for withdrawal from my course. (See previous.) And I haven’t withdrawn.

So I guess that means I’ve decided to see out the rest of the semester.


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Announcement: Tomorrow Is Hard Rubbish Collection Day

Hard rubbish


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Announcement: Today Is TF’s Second Birthday

I celebrated by buying a new goldfish, Feustus II.

Feustus II

His predecessor Feustus I died in April 2005, as documented in one of my very first posts.


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Announcement: The Discombobulation

Oy, the discombobulation.

Everything is okay though. Life is pretty sweet really.

Hey, everyone who’s been leaving nice comments – thanks for your comments! They’re appreciated. Even those displaying a somewhat tenuous grasp of basic literacy skills. These will surely improve given practice and my firm but loving guidance. Be brave, for tomorrow belongs to you etc.


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Announcement: I’m Going To Give It Another Two Weeks

I have decided. We’ll see how we go.


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Announcement: Still Haven’t Decided

Just do not know at all. Tried flipping a coin. But it didn’t help. I wish I was Scarlett Johannson.

On Thursday night I went to see Labyrinth at the Rooftop Cinema with Althea, AG, Jo, Xade & Li. Deck chairs, panoramic city views, bloggers, David Bowie in tights and a daft wig. It was all pretty good.

And last night I went out with ~ to the East Brunswick Hotel on Lygon St to see The Mammals, an American folk ensemble liked by Lady J. Unfortunately however we missed their set due to misadvertised times.

On the way home we bought Woodies and drunk them swinging on a swing set in a park, giggling at possums and musing about Life like the messed up teenagers we would be if we were teenagers. Upon arriving home at about 3am we watched The Prestige. David Bowie as Nicola Tesla, with an Austrian accent and a silly moustache. It was great.

So what have you been up to?


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Announcement: I Am Going To Drop Out Of Uni Again (Probably)

It’s All Wrong. All Wrong. Or maybe that’s just me. I don’t know.

I thought about killing myself, seeing as how I clearly totally suck at life, etc. But for better or worse, I like it too much. Life, I mean. It’s too full of beauty and illusions. I’d miss it.

Does anyone want to give me a job? I already have two, but they don’t pay me enough and neither of them are really utilizing my core skills to their optimal potential.

Here is a list of some of my skills:

– Disumbration and applied discombobulation
– Blogging in words, pictures and sound
– Writing kickass manifestos for secret organizations dedicated to altering the perceptions of their participants
– Creating imaginary bands
– Daydreaming
– Smoking cigarettes & drinking coffee
– Talking & writing copious amounts of shit
– Reclusive otherworldliness
– Insufferable arrogance & narcissism
– Getting disproportionately stressed out under pressure, then having big cathartic meltdowns; general flakiness & dysfunctionality etc
– Very persistently not killing self despite patently sucking at life
– Morbid self-pity
– Making lists
– Can tie own shoelaces, more or less
– I change a mean lightbulb

In addition to the above, I possess Artistic Vision ™ and a GSOH. I have seen through the illusion of the world. But I believe in love. Most of the time. I also hold a valid learner driver’s permit.

In summary: I am good. I would definitely give me creative, stimulating and lucrative employment if I were you.

UPDATE: But maybe I shouldn’t. ~ thinks I should stick with it. I just DO NOT FUCKING KNOW AT ALL.

Thing is, see, I was going to do Creative Arts. Despite the presence of subjects like Creative Writing (as in “we will teach you how to do Creative Writing”) it seemed a better and more purposeful bet than just plain vanilla Arts. But the School of Creative Arts is, it transpired, being phased out. No more Creative Arts.

I do not fucking know.

capercale, lamergeyer, cassowary etc

UPDATE II: If only the world would play ball and recognise my genius, none of this angst would be necessary. I blame the world. There seems to be something wrong with it; maybe it’s broken.

(Actually, just between you and me, it isn’t even real anyway. Trust me, I’m a disumbrationist. I know what I’m talking about.)


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Interlude: Full Circles, etc

This blog is approaching its second birthday.

For those who came in late, I started TF towards the end of March 2005 after dropping out of first year Arts at Melbourne Uni after one month to reinvent myself as a freelance disumbrationist. Blogging was central to this scheme.

It seemed like the right thing to do at the time and in hindsight, it was. All kinds of strange and great things happened after that.

Now, twenty-four months on, and I’m back giving MU a long-planned second go. Things have changed in all kinds of ways in those two years. In many ways dramatically for the better.

But would you believe I’m yet again finding arts-studentdom pretty stressful, and kind of silly, and kind of tedious, and I don’t really entirely know why I’m doing it, whether I want to be, or what the bastard hell I’m fucking doing at goddamn all.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about whether this whole anniversarial-full-circle-juncture thing means it’s time to put Trysting Fields to bed.

But reading over my archives here always puts things in perspective, and cheers me up.

My blog makes me happy. I like it. And it’s not Done. I’ve decided.

Here’s a word from our sponsor, Solomon from Gummo:


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Announcement: Today Is The Seventh of March

Time is going all weird on Planet Teigan.

Further Announcements to follow.


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