Announcement: Tomorrow Is Hard Rubbish Collection Day

Hard rubbish


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  1. Ooh, when’s soft rubbish collection day going to be?

  2. teigan

    The easy rubbish collection is done every week.

  3. AG

    i love hard rubbish.
    This year i put out a possibly non-functioning scuba vest and regulator … which i had rescued from someone else’s hard rubbish about three years ago. Said vest had sat in my shed since then, without my ever bothering to find out if it worked, so i felt it was time for it to move on.
    Sure enough, within hours of my putting it out, someone resued it.

  4. teigan

    Ours (see pic) included a blue folding garden chair we stole from someone else’s hard rubbish but never used because it was very ugly and slightly broken.
    I just arose from a deprivation-compensatory 16-hour sleeping marathon to discover that one of ~’s two broken speakers – previously mouldering in the back garden – has disappeared, and someone has wontonly punched a hole through the other.
    Hard rubbish is weird.

  5. j

    It’s called Bulky Item Collection Day in Portland, and yes.
    Same ad-hoc, citywide swapfest.
    (Related: I remember wondering, at our moving sale in Hawaii, how often the lifers of the military community would run across their own shit at other people’s yard sales, possibly continents away from where said items were last seen.)

  6. j

    Hard rubbish is weird.
    Yeah it is! Like, did this guy start his tenure on the curb with or without that look on his face?

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