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Yeah, Y’know? It’s Wednesday & I Needed Something To Post About etc

(It is All About The Blog[*].)

I was also feeling a bit stinky and jaded about people including but not limited to myself, and for both of these reasons it was all quite serendipitous and I-heart-the-universe that a much beloved friend chose yesterday to give me a semi-random present which – although a relatively small thing in itself – was both a :)-inducing gesture, and well-novel and blogworthy and shit.

It’s a pocket edition of Twister in the form of a little plastic box, with the spinner on the front and the dots – which are about the size of fifty-cent coins – stashed in a sliding drawer underneath. It conveniently doubles as a keyring.

(Unfortunately I’ve now, almost immediately, gone and lost it. So I can’t post a picture like I was planning to. I have to make do with words, which is unfortunate coz I’m kind of over them. But so it goes.)

It’s not very practical. If you wanted to play, you’d also have to be carrying some kind of adhesive to fix the tiny dots in place on the ground, or wherever. It’s hard to see the whole thing working out. But that doesn’t matter.

Without wanting to go into benevolence overload and make everybody throw up: hooray for semi-random presents, and those rare people who bring us nothing but goodness generally. Yay for things that make us happy. Even if only passingly so in some cases.

Life is transitory. Yes it is.

In other news, my jury selection hearing today went well, in the sense that as chance would have it I was not selected to serve on an actual jury.

In a way I was disappointed; it might have been an interesting experience. But I can’t really afford the time off work. Stupid needing money to live etc.

Now I am going to bed, because between one thing and another I’m so sleep deprived that I’m starting to hallucinate.

Good night.

[*] NB It’s so not really All About The Blog[**].

[**] Although I do love my blog.

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Well Pleased

I think so.

Update (Monday): You go, girl.

It almost makes me feel dirty to be enjoying this so much. It’s not as if I have any belief in Krudd & Co, or parliamentary democracy generally. I just really, really fucking hated this government. So it’s very satisfying to see them finally eating shit and dying.

I’ve been wishing for this day since long before I lost all faith in conventional politics.


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Death In The Afternoon Redux


Death In The Afternoon redux 1

Death In The Afternoon Redux 2

Death In The Afternoon Redux 3

PS Note to self and everyone else to whom it’s applicable: don’t forget to vote.

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I’d Like To Thank The Academy

And also:

Honourable mentions:

And last but not least, my mum. Thanks for having me, etc. I appreciate it.

And various other people.

You are all – in your assorted different ways – special to me, and I love yiz. For whatever it’s worth.

That is all.

PS Interview went well.


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Jury summons



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Hooray For Drunkenness

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Little mirrors


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It Is: Still All About The Status Updates

I just really love the status updates.


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The Vorticist


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Racing Season, etc

Found in the toilets at St Jerome’s on Saturday night:

Racing ticket

I’ve got absolutely zero interest in horseracing, but I love this time of year.

In other news, the artist formerly known as Shemyaza and more recently known as Jonathan Carfax has a new blog-based venture “dedicated to providing an uniquely Australian perspective on absinthe, and to provid[ing] fellow absintheurs with the most up-to-date and reliable information on absinthe varieties and tasting notes, as well as providing a home for Australian Libertines and lovers of bohemian culture, decadence and art, both historic and contemporary.”

It looks pretty cool.

He asked me if I’d like to be an occasional contributor. I replied:

Right now I’m extremely busy & preoccupied preparing for a VCA interview on the 21st and generally trying to metaprogram my way into the belief that I’m a Real Artist, whilst attempting as best I can to assimilate the monumental dual headfuck that:

(a) [censored]

(b) for all his sins, I really *like* the crazy, evil bastard.

And I should tell you that as a retiring semi-recluse I have at best only a nodding acquaintance with the Melbourne artistic intelligentsia and bar scene – although I wouldn’t be averse to developing a closer one for a cause as worthy as your own.

So yeah – if you have any absinthe you want me to drink / burlesque performers you want me to date / etc from next month onwards, feel very free to giz a heads up (equine or otherwise) (preferably the latter, ay).

That is the news.

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Personality Test Redux


Personality test results

Post personality test beers with Henley


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