It Is: Still All About The Status Updates

I just really love the status updates.


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  1. You kids are always talking about Movember but I don’t understand!

  2. Movember is annoying.
    It was seen as ‘cool’ among males of my circle a couple of years ago but now that a range of people from bank tellers to tv presenters also have wispy caterpillars on their faces (particularly sports presenters *shudders*), they are too snobby to participate.
    Nothing kills hip like mainstream acceptance:

  3. What I meant to say was, I think F***book is good for the events function.
    Works good.
    Status updates are also a treat, I concur. Esp when your friends are overseas.

  4. teigan

    I just like them on an aesthetic level. But they’re also nice on a ‘here is the news’ level.
    I agree about the events function too.
    The only thing wrong with FB – Orwellian concerns aside, not even gonna go there – is that it’s The Web 2.0 Equivalent Of Crack ™.
    I really notice this when my account is down, like it is right now.
    Must… update… status… *twitches* etc

  5. Anonymous

    Teigan is clutching at straws 😛

  6. teigan

    Oy! You’re barred.
    If you wanna leave me comments, go post on my Art blog.

  7. Anonymous

    Teigan is a tad ornery and sensitive today 😛

  8. Anonymous

    Teigan is my prophet

  9. Anonymous

    Teigan is building my hotrod

  10. Anonymous

    Teigan is mad, bad and dangerous to know

  11. teigan

    Teigan forgot the smiley.
    Teigan is having a lovely time.
    Teigan is beginning to enjoy himself..

  12. Anonymous

    Teigan is taking us all to Jonestown for tea

  13. Anonymous

    Teigan is an ethereal, shapeshifting alien hiding out from the intergalactic tyrants who destroyed his homeworld

  14. Anonymous

    Teigan is bogarding the joint

  15. Anonymous

    Teigan is still bogarding the joint

  16. Anonymous

    Teigan is terror incarnate

  17. Anonymous

    Teigan is number six

  18. Anonymous

    Teigan is bogarding another joint

  19. Anonymous

    Teigan is not an onion. But SHi does have many layers.

  20. teigan

    Love yer work, anonymous comment spammer.
    Really do.

  21. Anonymous

    Teigan is going to open a can of whoop-ass on y’all asses

  22. Anonymous

    Teigan is the only surviving member of the Beatles who has any talent

  23. Anonymous

    Teigan is, contrary to reports in the media, not an avatar of the King in Yellow, Hastur. He is an avatar of Yog Sothoth.

  24. Anonymous

    Teigan is touching me in inappropriate places

  25. Anonymous

    Teigan is the seedy underbelly of Neurocam

  26. Anonymous

    Teigan is never going to give me a toke on that fucking joint

  27. Anonymous

    Teigan is responsible for saving the world from Morlocks

  28. Anonymous

    Ah fuck it! I’ve run out of ideas. See you soon motherfucker.

  29. Anonymous

    PS- Teigan is shouting drinks!

  30. Anonymous

    Teigan is not heavy: he’s my brother

  31. Anonymous

    Teigan is in possession of the name and address of the cunt who keeps spamming him

  32. Anonymous

    Teigan is a holiday in Cambodia

  33. Anonymous

    Teigan is actually robin hely

  34. Anonymous

    Teigan is putting the lotion in the basket

  35. teigan

    [Teigan is in possession of the name and address of the cunt who keeps spamming him]
    Actually, I’ve only got yer number. And if you’re either one of the two people I strongly suspect you are, it’s *your* turn to buy drinks.
    But we’ll see if I’m in a drink-buying mood come next weekend, ay.
    Now piss off, I have Art to concern myself with.
    (PS I like you; you’re good.)
    (Whoever you are.)

  36. Anonymous

    Teigan is too goth for your emo poetry

  37. Anonymous

    Teigan is LSD and Ecstasy

  38. teigan

    >you’re good
    Y’know, in an evil kind of way.
    (Teigan has no use for lotion. He prefers a subtle blend of Easy Surface Prep and Orphic Mystery Solvent.)

  39. Anonymous

    I’m flattered. You’re evil in a good way too, or something like that.
    Lets not get into a “my evil is gooderer than your evil” way. We’re still both viruses with shoes.
    Teigan is proposing election night drinkies?

  40. Anonymous

    To the millions of readers of Trysting Fields:
    Teigan is THE man

  41. teigan

    Teigan is a virus with shoes.
    And lllloving it.

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