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Sat With My Legs Over The Gateposts Out The Front Of My House This Afternoon

Wondering if I’d lost my shiny new job due to being too discombobulated, a random passing woman stopped and said to me, randomly, “You could totally get a job as a gate.”

I was unsure how to respond to this.

“Y’know, if you ever need one,” she clarified.

I was skeptical. I couldn’t raise my legs like a tollbar. I actually tried. But then it occurred to me that – although it was slightly awkward – I could swing them to one side.

“See, there’s always an angle,” she said.

As randoms who approach you for no ostensive reason when you’re tripped-out mental invariably seem to be, she was dead on the money.

(Previously; previously.)

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Stuff I Did This Year

This year was all about recovery. It started out in the absolute pits of hell, slowly got better, and – a few ickle problems here and there aside, but whatcha gonna do – ended all up in unmitigated gnarley.


As per last year I feel more like talking about people than doings or accomplishments. Specifically, and without wanting to get too gushy, all the people who’ve helped me in all their various ways to remember what the whole circus is about. Really forgot for a while there. Fucken’ sucked.

So couldn’t have done it without yiz.

Thanks. Seriously.

  • Mum, Dad & Jess.

  • Ben.

  • Despite – and partly because of – some serious difficulties, Liv (and co).

  • Henley.

  • On an obscure tip: Martha, Dolly, Magnus, Tim, my secret admirer, and the other Barn*by Ev*ns on Facebook.

  • Li.

  • Nada A.

  • Nada Z (nb not technically a person, but we’ll let it slide).

  • Em & co.

  • Kav. Georgie. Twyllan. Kinkel. Vicwie. Sims. Brendan. Zanella. The Major. Freedman. 2003 & co. And all the countless other people at/from my thankfully now-former work who are fucking awesome. But most especially them.

  • Relatedly: motorscooting Keith! Party and associates – most especially Bourkie, and Carol. We don’t really know Trajstman yet – but you may rest assured we intend to.

  • Cel.

  • Freakley.

  • Mr Ad*m F*rd (not the poet), and Mr D. Allan.

  • Grimsey.

  • Gab, obvs, and associates not previously mentioned, especially Pets & Dech (+ Scott, Ewan, Chirsp etc etc etc).

  • And last, but the exact opposite of least: Ms M. F. “prog081” Evans and associates, esp. Kat, Hayley, Fran & co, Ange & Chloe.

The admittedly sometimes finite limitations of my resources notwithstanding, these people can – at any time, and to whatever extent they may deem necessary and/or desirable – stand the fuck under my umbrella.

I’d also like to extend a really colossal, biblical-epic-stylez “fuck you” to one or two other individuals whose selfish, infantile cuntishness and astonishing lack of Vision ™, conversely, reeeallly hasn’t helped. Anyone. But I won’t. It won’t help. We can only have faith that in time they will grow the hearts, brains, spines and souls they surprisingly appear to lack.

Having A Soul: It’s Good.


Happy new year.


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New York (Three)

With Bourkie “B. Jerky” Bourke.

Bourkie & me in St Marks Place


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t.A.T.u. Was Robbed

But a good night was had in the process.

ION: I caught up with my old arch-nemesis TAFKA Robert Henley last Friday. It was great. Love that guy’s work. No, seriously.

I am still not dead. Better, even.

What else? I’m going to New York next month. I’m going to Thailand in November (probably). Then I’m going to Geneva in December. I might go to Norwich also. Toots has a friend there she wants to visit, and I want to read Adam Tenex’s novel which he’s apparently too lazy send to me.

Adventures FTW!

Can’t complain.


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Most Fucked Up Easter Ever (Y’know, In A Good Way)

So there I was, attending an uncivilised picnic in the park on Royal Parade, having a perfectly nice time & minding my own and a select handful of other peoples’ business when who should call me completely out of nowhere on my – which is to say, someone else‘s – mobile telephony device but the J-meister.


We hadn’t spoken in the voice since November, when I drunkenly and unsolicitedly facilitated her and Henley‘s first ever verbal exchange. She’s been in the country three weeks, apparently. Now she & the H-Dogg were in my hood. And they wanted to hang.


The tone of her voice didn’t make me feel like something she’d just scraped off her shoe, which was nice. So, throwing caution to the wind as I am wont to do on occasion, I went.

We met at Alia. We talked. We danced. A good time was had. It seems like we’re all friends now. Which is totally what I wanted, although if you’d asked me twelve hours ago I’d have said this outcome seemed less likely than [insert comedy incredibly unlikely occurrence which in practice will never ever happen here]. They’re totally coming to my housewarming and shit.

I don’t know what else to say about all of this, but if ever something seemed blogworthy etc.

Hooray for drugs; hooray for Jebus.

Despite my cynicism regarding his religion(s), I am a fan of the man’s work. That cunt was liable for nothing.


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It Is: Still All About The Status Updates

I just really love the status updates.


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