t.A.T.u. Was Robbed

But a good night was had in the process.

ION: I caught up with my old arch-nemesis TAFKA Robert Henley last Friday. It was great. Love that guy’s work. No, seriously.

I am still not dead. Better, even.

What else? I’m going to New York next month. I’m going to Thailand in November (probably). Then I’m going to Geneva in December. I might go to Norwich also. Toots has a friend there she wants to visit, and I want to read Adam Tenex’s novel which he’s apparently too lazy send to me.

Adventures FTW!

Can’t complain.


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16 Responses to t.A.T.u. Was Robbed

  1. The Metropolis of Sydney

    *hem hem*

  2. Ol' Livia

    Oooh, NYC is confirmed? w00t! How long are you going for?

  3. teigan

    Ticket purchase subject to tax return arrival, but yes. A week to ten days. OMG OMG etc.
    Oh, and I’m also going to Sydonay.

  4. My novel is stranded. Totally marooned on an inaccessable PC in the boot of my car.
    But anyway, how are you?

  5. teigan

    That sucks, man. I will go to Norwich anyway.
    I’m alright.

  6. It’s nice here. If you like that kind of thing.
    Your sister has a friend here?

  7. teigan

    You have a new blog! I can’t link it right now but I will do it later.

  8. It mostly angst and pretentious bullshit but it’s better than not writing anything.
    That’s nice. Maybe we know each other.

  9. teigan

    I agree. (I mean, I dunno know if I’d agree that it’s mostly angst and pretentious bullshit; I haven’t read it yet. I’ll go and do that now.)
    (And come to think of it, I don’t know if I’d necessarily agree that writing A&PB is better than writing nothing at all. But given some of the stuff I was spewing here earlier in the year it’d probably be hypocritical of me to claim otherwise.)
    I will ask my sister what her friend’s name is.
    Although it turns out – newsflash! – that we might not be coming after all. 🙁 We had an idea our parents were gonna fly us over to have Xmas with them. Now they’re leaning towards coming here.
    Oh well.

  10. teigan

    Hey, come to New York. We could meet in Times Square then take a train out to New Jersey & visit Nada.

  11. wortwut

    I just scanned over the ‘post a comment’ section with my eyes (as opposed to a scanner), and I read ‘Comments are retarded’.
    Do you think it means anything?

  12. teigan

    I think it means: comments are moderated because (some) comments are retarded. Freudian interpretive slip.
    I had a malicious anonymous commenter earlier this year, y’know. My first ever. Really nasty. I’m so proud.

  13. teigan

    Don’t toy with me, Tenex.

  14. teigan

    You so totally can. You just don’t want to enough.
    And that’s *your* problem.

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