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It’s All Over

So long, the so-called Real World. It was nice knowing you. In some aspects.

ION: O. M. F. G. Why was I not told about this?! (That’s what I get for not reading the news, I guess.)


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Battle Fatigue

It’s been a good winter on Planet T.

It’s sure as hell ripped off the head and shat down the neck of the previous one, which nearly killed me. (No, really.) We’re Learning To Do Winter, apparently. Hooray for that.

But I’m ready for it to be over now.


UPDATE (Friday): You are not listening to me, weather.


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Happy International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend


(ION: Fuck this 'interlude' shit.)


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Interlude: Possibly Too Much – Possibly Not Enough


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Chez Hagakure Vodka, Juice & Soda Water Low-Key Dinner Party

With AG.

My Dinner With AG


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