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Interlude: Return Of Soybean

She’s back. Again.

Nothing will ever be the same.

(NB The extent to which nothing is or is not ever the same in your specific experiential sphere may vary in accordance with a range of factors – some known, some unknown; some known to be unknown, others unknown as unknown. The degree of liability expressed or implied by the above statement can be estimated at approximately one [1] wad of NADA. Hooray for everything.)

(Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.)


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Interlude: New Favourite Phrase

Context-dependent metadata.

“Indeed it is well said [that] in every object there is inexhaustible meaning; the eye sees in it what the eye brings means of seeing.” – Thomas Carlyle via Fungus the Bogeyman, unknown year.

(Thanx toots; yer work, etc.)


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Chez Hagakure Red Wine & Homebrew Quiet Night In

With Luke.



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Interlude: Toots.


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Interlude: Massacre.


I regret burning W******. And I wish I could have been a better friend to Gab.

But what I feel really terrible about is taking J out for what should – by all rights – have been a night of awesomeness, and then exposing her to all that horror. Last fucking thing on earth that she needed.


Oh well.

ION: Still need a B#6.


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