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Birthday Party

Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th September.

It was more chaotic than usual – and, for me, marred by some sadness due to the absence of Certain Individuals (but what else is new I guess, lol/sigh).

In any case and all the same, the required standard was met. Which is to say: went off.

Thanks everyone 🙂

Birthday uke

Pasteup of assorted party-relevant FB posts (heh); FB photo album.

(Previously; previously; previously; previously.)

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Assimilate and obey

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~ Occuparty ~

Saturday, 17th December.

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Tentmonster Rally

Saturday, 10th December.

56 Days (to infinity and beyond)

Footage of (failed) police raid the same night here (207 MB).

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Stuff I Did This Year

My 2010 started on a high. Life was good and all the stars were aligned, etc. Unfortunately the wheels started to come off in the second quarter and the second half was an increasingly shitful and regressive abortion.

So it goes. We’ll do this as many times as we have to.

Amongst other things (hosting some fairly awesome dinner parties, etc) I:

  • Went to Thailand;

  • Started studying art in fulfilment of longterm ambitions (alongside baby sis);

  • Went part time halfway through first semester (see also baby sis);

  • Reconciled with a former close associate after a long estrangement, which made me very happy;

  • Got very suddenly & unexpectedly shitcanned by a then-close associate three weeks later, with the inverse effect;

  • Deferred school and everything else and moped around reclusively for months doing increasingly little except thinking about everything, with increasingly hilarious consequences;

  • Turned 34 24 2.0;

  • Slapped myself around some for having fucked up so badly, thereby fucking things up more;

  • Got a job and started to apply the breaks.

I’m not going to thank specific people Oscar-stylez like I have the last two years.

People who’ve been awesome: thanks. People in general: also that other thing. Seriously.

Life is improving. I think we’ll be doing just fine if we relax a little.

Happy new year.


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Dinner Party V

Saturday 17th July.

Most fiasco-tastic DP evar! It’s been a bit like that lately. I almost gave up and cancelled it. But I’m very glad I didn’t, coz despite all kinds of stupid problems in the end it still went OFF.

DP V: table, post-pie

(10:21pm; 4min 59sec)

Amongst other things, the DPP planning committee encountered considerable guestlist difficulty. Despite and at least partly because of no less than three date changes aimed at accommodating them all and genuine enthusiasm from at least some quarters, exactly none of the invitees I’d originally lined up ultimately managed to make it.

DP V: Luke + pie

(10:55pm; 1min 17sec)

Which might have been considered a fairly abject fail – were it not for the inspiringly circus-saving company of previous-attendee legends who, in flagrant violation of DPP rules, valiantly braved the cold and brought the awse instead: Matt K (DPs I and III), Twyllan (DP II), Henley (DP III), Sarah aka The Major (DP IV), Pablo (DPP virgin), Luke (DP IV), and of course Grimsey (DPs I, II, III and IV). Fucken <3.

DP V: pie

(12:24am; 4min 28sec)

It was an unprecedentedly structured DP. As per a preestablished order of proceedings there was soup, then salad, then pie, then the merciless destruction and defilement of an old chair that had unforgiveably given way under DP I alumnus Bourkie at CH the night before. Then, naturally, muffins.

DP V: RH pisses on the 'chair'

(1:16am; 2min 26sec)

Along the way there were tears (not really); there was laughter. It was epic.

DP V: muffin + table

(2:34am; 2min 49sec)


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Easter Camping

Friday 2nd April – Sunday 4th April.

Welcome sign

Beach + sea + sky

Adam & me at twilight

Nichk naked on the beach

Fire + tent

Feet + Kraken

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It’ll come good.


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Sunday Afternoon

Feet on the porch at CH, Sunday afternoon


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It’s certainly been a memorable one. I liked it much better than last year’s.

Prize for the best party guest overall goes to Patrick. Prize for the most liable for nothing party guest is a three-way tie between Shane, The Sorcha, and, of course, Coburg.

Prize for the best party guest who wasn’t there physically but came in essence goes to Wads. Prize for the most missed party absentee is a tie between Em and this chick. Prize for the best party guest who did attend physically, but who I unfortunately never actually got around to talking to is a three-way tie between Li, Kav, and The Major. Prize for the best (if maybe in hindsight somewhat regrettable) picture of a My Little Cthulhu Bunny goes to Magnus.

Prize for the most devastating headfuckery goes to my housemate & ex-fiancee. Prize for the most comically hypocritical abusive emails goes to Henley. Prize for the most awesome drunken deep & meaningful alleyway convo goes to Liv. I’m not sure what exactly to award the artist formerly known as Semi, but I suspect he deserves a prize of some kind – or that if he doesn’t now, he may well before too long.

Prize for the most broken nose goes to Luke. Prize for the most blood cheerfully & unsolicitedly cleaned up as a result of a broken nose goes to Harrie. Prize for the driest one-liners (always) and best wildlife photography goes to Ramm. Prize for the best shisha lesson goes to Nichk. Prize for the heterosexual male with the most sophisticated understanding of little girls’ pop music (and also the special award for getting locked in the enclosed garden off my bedroom by a psycho chick person I’m sure is lovely once you get to know her, and then being too wasted to think of calling someone to let him out) goes to Grimsey.

Prize for the best nail-painting (and best former housemate ever) goes to Cel. Prize for the best hungover breakfast-making and tidying up goes to Kat. Prize for the oldest and most enduring friend goes to Bentendo. Prize for the best anonymous benefactor goes to whoever sent me the copy of M2M‘s second album I found in my mailbox yesterday.

Prize for the best present (y’know, apart from causing me to be born in the first place and shit) goes to my parents.

Prize for the best sister in the entire fucking world goes to this bitch.

Prize for the best mistress (and inexpressible amounts of gratitude & love) goes to Schnozzie.

Thanks, everyone.


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B. C. E.


Can’t complain.

Although, y’know, in some ways it was almost too easy.



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Rainbow Serpent (Part 1)

So yes: about a month ago I accompanied my colleague and fellow Merrie Scrambler Major G to Rainbow Serpent. She’d scored a free ticket and needed a handbag company; we went halves.

It was incredibly excellent.

I captured a lot of media, and thankfully had the foresight to copy it off my phone before it died. Then my computer died. Etc blah blah.

Here at long last, etc.

Baggage at Southern Cross Station

Coffee on Saturday morning

The Major, sporting new bag

Boogie fever

To be continued.


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Random Brunswick Street Encounters, Part Deux & Other Assorted


This afternoon a waifish aboriginal chick came up and asked me if I had any change. I said no, which was a lie but generally my policy in such situations.

She noticed I was wielding an unlit cigarette, and asked if I needed a light. Again, I said no (thanks). Which, conversely, I thought was true.

“You have a good day,” she said nicely, and continued on her way.

I fished into my pocket for the lighter I thought I had, and realised I didn’t actually have it.

So I chased after her and told her that I did, as it turned out, need a light after all.

“You looked like you didn’t have one,” she said with a quiet smile.

I gave her a dollar, and went to hand the lighter back.

“Nah, that’s okay,” she said. “I’ve got about six of them.”

Maybe you had to be there.

My only regret concerning this encounter, which totally rebrightened my day –

(Said day having turned, from promising beginnings, to shitty slit-yer-wrists shit when it became apparent that I’d probably irretrievably lost my bag, containing my camera and my visual diary, in a taxi yesterday.

Which would have been really bad, and totally fucking sucked.

Turns out I’d left it at work the doodle palace. Phew.

But I digress.)

– was that I didn’t ask her if she could assist me in my ongoing quest for time machine fuel.

(Note to blog readers: TIME MACHINE FUEL IS SOUGHT.)

In other news: please excuse the rambling, discombobulated nature of this post.

Two and a half hours sleep, see.

I had to be up at six this morning to receive some people who came to strip the asbestos from my bathroom.

(Now the bathroom looks like this:

Gutted bathroom


And I didn’t get to sleep until 3:30am, because some broad whose name I forget [*] was fucking hardcore with my head.

Although she denies doing it deliberately. And in any case, I’m really just fucking hardcore with my own head, and attributing said headfuckery to an external source.

Which is, ultimately, all that any of us are ever doing.

(It pays to remember this sometimes.)

I fully hardcore fall down go boom now.

[*] I think maybe her name is Audrey.

I remember, very early on in our acquaintance, suspecting that might be her name and addressing her as such.

“Who’s Audrey?” she replied, all blinking wide-eyed incomprehension. Although in fact she knew damn well exactly who Audrey was. And she knew damn well that I knew that she knew. And that I knew that she knew that I knew that she knew. And in general, things were Known. You know how it goes, hypothetical blog reader.

In hindsight I might have imagined the blinking wide eyes.

Anyroad, I was well smitten and from that point on there was no turning back.

But that’s a whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother time, if ever there was one.


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The World Is Everlasting

It’s coming and it’s going.

The dirtballs in your pockets and take off both your shoes, etc.



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