It’s certainly been a memorable one. I liked it much better than last year’s.

Prize for the best party guest overall goes to Patrick. Prize for the most liable for nothing party guest is a three-way tie between Shane, The Sorcha, and, of course, Coburg.

Prize for the best party guest who wasn’t there physically but came in essence goes to Wads. Prize for the most missed party absentee is a tie between Em and this chick. Prize for the best party guest who did attend physically, but who I unfortunately never actually got around to talking to is a three-way tie between Li, Kav, and The Major. Prize for the best (if maybe in hindsight somewhat regrettable) picture of a My Little Cthulhu Bunny goes to Magnus.

Prize for the most devastating headfuckery goes to my housemate & ex-fiancee. Prize for the most comically hypocritical abusive emails goes to Henley. Prize for the most awesome drunken deep & meaningful alleyway convo goes to Liv. I’m not sure what exactly to award the artist formerly known as Semi, but I suspect he deserves a prize of some kind – or that if he doesn’t now, he may well before too long.

Prize for the most broken nose goes to Luke. Prize for the most blood cheerfully & unsolicitedly cleaned up as a result of a broken nose goes to Harrie. Prize for the driest one-liners (always) and best wildlife photography goes to Ramm. Prize for the best shisha lesson goes to Nichk. Prize for the heterosexual male with the most sophisticated understanding of little girls’ pop music (and also the special award for getting locked in the enclosed garden off my bedroom by a psycho chick person I’m sure is lovely once you get to know her, and then being too wasted to think of calling someone to let him out) goes to Grimsey.

Prize for the best nail-painting (and best former housemate ever) goes to Cel. Prize for the best hungover breakfast-making and tidying up goes to Kat. Prize for the oldest and most enduring friend goes to Bentendo. Prize for the best anonymous benefactor goes to whoever sent me the copy of M2M‘s second album I found in my mailbox yesterday.

Prize for the best present (y’know, apart from causing me to be born in the first place and shit) goes to my parents.

Prize for the best sister in the entire fucking world goes to this bitch.

Prize for the best mistress (and inexpressible amounts of gratitude & love) goes to Schnozzie.

Thanks, everyone.


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21 Responses to Birthday

  1. Liv

    Alleyways are where it’s at, man.
    [whoever sent me the copy of M2M’s second album I found in my mailbox yesterday.]

  2. Gab

    yeah, I’m okay.

  3. teigan

    You’re pretty good. I’ve certainly got no plans to kill you.

  4. Gab

    *thinks back to experiences in alleyway at T’s last party.*
    I disagree with this statement.

  5. Gab

    that was with regards to liv’s comment.

  6. wortwut

    my phone reminded me your birthday was coming up, and then I failed to act on it.
    No! not true. I bought you a silly book and decided you wouldn’t want it.
    I’m glad it was good 🙂
    hapsy geburtstag ‘n all that.

  7. teigan

    G – Heh!
    W – I didn’t say it was good; I said it was memorable and that I liked it better than last year’s. It was a mixed bag; a colourful assortment, even. ION: Since when have I ever not wanted silly books? (And ta.)

  8. Luke

    Good party, no great party. I drank much, gots stoned as hell and bled for my enjoyment.
    Worth it.

  9. teigan

    His incredible awesomeness was not the only reason I was gutted not to catch up with Mr Kav.
    I think it’s important to bleed for one’s enjoyment. And if you can bleed for the enjoyment of others, that’s even the better. As long as it’s enjoyed, y’know? That’s the main thing.
    *strokes chin thoughtfully*

  10. teigan

    [gots stoned as hell]
    This would explain why you only blew .03 in the emergency room, despite appearing more fucked up than the relationship between me & Ms Kilby. Another mystery solved.

  11. Gab

    It is still your birthday week, m’dear. I love your guts (and the rest of you)

  12. teigan

    It is. And likewise. <3

  13. Martha

    happy belatedsted birthday, birthday boy

  14. Magnus

    Regrettable? Did I miss anything? How could an image of a Great Old One ever be regrettable?

  15. teigan

    And the prize for the best comment on this post so far goes to..

  16. teigan

    Liv (ages ago):
    Really is, y’know. Still not 100% sure who that was. Maybe I will never know.
    Made my day on a day that really needed making, restored my faith in unselfish acts, and gave me a mystery to be intrigued by – all for about $20 and the cost of some postage. It’s a good rekkid too. (Do you Know M2M? You might even like them.)
    Epic win, anonymous benefactor.

  17. teigan

    [It’s a good rekkid too.]
    It’s no Shades Of Purple. But then what is?
    (*hides from anticipated torrents of ignorant pisstakery*)

  18. Gab

    I think last night put an end to your birthday week; It was a fine way to wind things up.
    *falls over own feet*
    Never drinking again.

  19. teigan

    It was an a w e s o m e way to wind things up.
    Happy birthday Pettet & Dechen! 🙂
    I will be drinking again.

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