Rainbow Serpent (Part 1)

So yes: about a month ago I accompanied my colleague and fellow Merrie Scrambler Major G to Rainbow Serpent. She’d scored a free ticket and needed a handbag company; we went halves.

It was incredibly excellent.

I captured a lot of media, and thankfully had the foresight to copy it off my phone before it died. Then my computer died. Etc blah blah.

Here at long last, etc.

Baggage at Southern Cross Station

Coffee on Saturday morning

The Major, sporting new bag

Boogie fever

To be continued.


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3 Responses to Rainbow Serpent (Part 1)

  1. Liv

    It looks like it was fun. Etc.
    I’m jealous. Etc.
    Commenty commenty. Etc.
    *waves hands and squeals*

  2. teigan

    Lame comment, Goodall. You totally didn’t even listen to the audio, did you.
    But you have ended the embargo, and as such – on behalf of my hordes of nonexistentcommenting readers – I thank you.
    You’re right; it is more frog and putter than toad and nine-iron.

  3. Liv

    I like that you call me “Goodall.”

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