B. C. E.


Can’t complain.

Although, y’know, in some ways it was almost too easy.



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4 Responses to B. C. E.

  1. Nice.
    But what did the lichens ever do to you?

  2. teigan

    Possible response #1: It’s a long, long, long story.
    PR #2: Well, quite.

  3. wortwut

    But cause effects?
    Bastards cunts effwits?
    Bovine Cpongiform Encephalopathy?
    Barns can’t explain?
    I suppose I shall never know.

  4. teigan

    [Bovine Cpongiform Encephalopathy?]
    Barns can’t explain.
    Like the man almost said: “Can’t explain, can’t complain.”
    (Maybe if he had a sense that you really wanted to know, m’dear..)

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